Report: Vijai D’Cunha (G-kere)

Photos: Joachim Dsouza

Muscat, Nov 14 : The Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP – Sts Peter and Paul Church, Ruwi), hosted the much-awaited annual Cricket Festival on Friday, 8th November, 2019, with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere, at Muscat Sports Ground in Wadikabeer. The programme began with a welcome speech by Jessie Pereira, the President, to the esteemed gathering and emphasized on the importance of sports in every one’s life. All Executive committee members lead by the President Jessie Pereira then stirred a march to the tune of music around the sports ground, and flagged off the event by releasing halogen balloons to air.

The members entered into the ground with spirit of the occasion and enrolled their participation at the registration counter managed by Sandra Correa, Janet & Violet D’Costa. Dolly Gomes, a well-known sports personality in the Mangalorean community in Muscat, formed the teams and helped to conduct the matches in a very professional manner and within the time frame. Raj Alagiri, Manjunath Bhat, Riteesh Salian and Avinash were the match umpires. Vikas Fernandes and Reethesh Salian were the official scorer. Clive, Larry Rego and Peter Fernandes kept the crowd entertained with their lively commentary. Praveen Serra Compered the Program and Reshma D’Costa recited the Prayers invoking God’s blessings.

A day marked with high adrenaline among the Cricket lovers. Four Men teams to compete with each other to win the championship trophy, staged an excellent platform to witness teamwork, endurance, resilience and grit. The participants were divided into two groups depending on age in each category of Men, Women and Children. Stanley Fernandes inaugurated the tournament with batting, while the President, Jessie Pereira took up the bowling.

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Once the tournament began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the players. The event defined a platform to showcase the talent and efforts put in by the entire MCCP Executive Team to make it a successful event. It is not only about competition, it is also about having fun, being physically active, building coordination and teamwork and so to give the members an opportunity to display their talent, self-confidence, patience, zeal and sportsmanship. There were several closely fought matches in all categories generating a lot of interest among the spectators who had gathered in large numbers to witness the event. Sumptuous breakfast (Idli  & Wada, sambar, tea and coffee), lunch (Chicken sukka, Rice, Dhal, Pickle, Pappad, and Vorn) and snacks (Golibaje and Tea/Coffee) was served at the venue so that the matches continue uninterrupted throughout the day.

The winners of the Below 40 Men’s category were Praveen Serra (Captain), Sunil, Hanson Dsouza, Sunny Fernandes, Lestor Monis, Wilson Fernandes, Nilesh Tellis, Lloyd R Dsouza and Noel Dsouza. Runners-up were Sharon Alva (Captain), Rayan, Joel Jayson, Naveen, Arun Lobo, Santhosh, Baptist, Jason Cardoza, Deepak Dsouza and Praveen. The best Batsman declared was Jason Cardoza, best Bowler Praveen Serra, and best allrounder Hanson Dsouza

In the category of Seniors Men’s Cricket (Above 40), winners were Ajith D’Costa (Captain), Movin Fernandes, Mervyn Louis, Terryl Saldanha, Louis Rodrigues, Lancy Saldanha, Eugine Sequiera, Wilfred Castelino, Denis Dsouza and Ajith D’Costa. Runners-up were Melvyn Dsouza (Captain), Lawrence, Kistu Dsilva, Anil, Alfred, Rudolf, Ambrose, Prakash, Ajith Walder, Clifford and Rolf Pereira. The best Batsman declared was Movin Fernandes, best Bowler Louis Rodrigues, and best allrounder Kistu Dsilva.

In the Ladies’ Cricket division, winners were Reshma D’Costa (Captain), Amanda D’Costa, Cynthia Saldanha, Priya Quadros, Anusha Fernandes, Trecilla Menezes, Helen Sequeira, Lenny Dsouza, Jesline Pinto, Flavia Pereira and Agnes Picardo. Runners-up were Merita Pinto (Captain), Priyanka Mendonca, Bryna Pinto, Silvita Sequeira, Rochelle Quadros, Carol Rodrigues, Philomena Mendonca, Jovita Lobo, Preema Dsouza, Phillu Moras and Reena Dsouza. The best Batsman declared was Amanda D’Costa, Best Bowler Rochelle Quadros, and Best Allrounder Bryna Pinto.

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Children’s Cricket (above 4th Standard) winners were Jonathan Saldanha (Captain), Nehal Noronha, Tanish Saldanha, Michelle Pinto, Reshel Tellis, Calida Rodrigues, Delicia Dsouza, Shelton Sequeira, Larissa Saldanha, Chryselle Fernandes, Cleon Dmello, Aron Castelino and Sherman Lewis. Runner’s up, Rishon Dsouza, (Captain), Aldrean Moras, Clarita Saldanha, Rochelle Correa, Zenaida Dcosta, Nicole Machado, Siona Saldanha, Tania Saldanha, Cleona Rodrigues, Johan Mathias, Evan Mathaias, Nethan Dsouza and  Nikhil Noronha. Best Batsman  Nehal Noronha, Best Bowler Evan Mathias, Best All-rounder Jonathan Saldanha. Winners below 3rd Standard category were Dellon, Aman Dcosta, Afra and others.

The prizes were handed down by Raj Alagiri and Stanley Fernandes.  The event was meticulously planned and executed by the entire MCCP Executive Committee lead by Jessie Pereira as the President, Monica Fernandis (Vice President – Sports & Finance), Vinod Terence D’ Souza (Vice President – Cultural, Spiritual & CS), Silvia Dias (General Secretary), Victoria Trecilla Menezes (Honorary Treasurer), Sharon Alva (Internal Auditor), Reshma D Costa (Sports Secretary), Praveen Donald Serra (Cultural Secretary), Vikas Marshal Fernandes (Spiritual Secretary), and Merita Pinto (Community Services Secretary).

Event Sponsors: K.Vyas, Raj Alagiri, Arun Dsouza, Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC (courtesy Ashok Mathaias) and Oasis Water (courtesy Ronald Castelino). Event supporters: DJ by Calvin Machado, Sound System by Lancy Pinto, and Media and Website by Vijai Dcunha.

The sponsors for the year are: Platinum sponsor: Technofit Trading LLC (Liguory and Margaret D’Mello), Muscat Golden Services LLC (Raphael D’Souza), Areej Vegetable oils & Derivatives (Courtesy Vivian Pereira). Gold sponsors: Marmul Hospitality Group of Travels, Exchange & Hotels (Mabel Pinto – courtesy Vijai D’Cunha), Prestige Projects and Engineering Supplies Co LLC (Denis Mascarenhas) and Zahrat Al Rawdha Trading (Raphael Quadras).