Henry Martis

Henry Martis – capturing the imaginations of MCCP

By Antony D’Cunha


Born in Pangla – Shankerpura, a place known for its Jasmine Flowers, he has earned a nick name of “Pangla So Kahlo” (Pangla’s Jasmine), and true to its meaning, his smile scintillates the brilliance of his native values and the fragrance of home grown Jasmine flowers.

Henry Martis, known for his leadership qualities, led MCCP for four terms (1996-1997, 2001-2002, 2004-2005 and 2005-2006) in the capacity of President and has the distinction of being the President during MCCP’s decennial celebrations in the year 2001-2002.  Being a Core committee member and an ardent supporter of MCCP, he is already a “Role Model” to many and is now poised to motivate our youngsters to shoulder responsibilities with a view to take MCCP to greater heights.

Besides MCCP and Church activities, he has served Panglaites Association in Muscat for 9 years in the Capacity of President and founder member.  Panglaites Association was formed in the year 1995.   He was also an active member of Tulu Koota in Muscat.

As we unfold the life story of “Pangla So Kahlo”, you will get a glimpse of his childhood dreams, family ties, memories & reflections, achievements, and related secrets of his success.


Born in Pangla – Shankerpura on 16th July, 1953 to Gregory Martis and Apoline Martis, he set his journey to Mumbai at the early age to shape is future – away from parents and homeland. Lone in the crowd, the early struggle in the City of Bombay, taught him some of life’s toughest lessons that came handy in later life while shaping his professional career.

After completion of SSC from Poona (now Pune) Education Board, he graduated in Commerce from MMK College of Commerce and Economics, Bandra – affiliated to Bombay University.  He did his M.Com. and LL.B. from the Bombay University.  Always ambitious and enthusiastic in leadership assignments, he was forerunner for all the extra-curricular activities in the school as well as College. He has shouldered responsibilities such as Class Monitor, SPL in the High School, organised Picnics & outings, Captain for matches played in the High School and other youth movements.


He had a very promising career for 8 years in Mumbai working for country’s two best known organisations – namely M/s. Hindustan Lever Limited and M/s. Tata Sons Limited.  These companies gave him a vast exposure and an array of professional inputs which worked as catalyst in shaping later part of his career.

7th February, 1983 marks the beginning of his professional career in Muscat.   Since then he has been working for one of the prestigious Business Conglomerates in the country at high position directly reporting to the Chairman.  In these 28 years he has enjoyed glorious days, and witnessed good times, bad times and of late a sort of changing times.

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He has been a driving force behind the success of MCCP and in fact MCCP has become a part of his life having involved in nurturing its growth over the years right from early days.  He has drawn inspiration from his predecessors like late Mick Max, Walter Monteiro, Gerry D’Mello, Oswald Soares, etc.  He has been instrumental in bringing about major reforms in the system to keep pace with the tradition and maintain balance with the changing times. A mega event “Konkani Utsav” and plays such as XEGHUNANCHI SUNN and JIVITH were staged during his tenure.  Of course, he is indebted to Core Committee members – Stanely Fernandes, Donald Pinto, Clarence Pinto and Suraj Rebello, and also the entire Mangalorean community, for their motivation and support without which he would not have been able to achieve the results.  Monica Dantis – MCCP’s first lady President, is all praises for Henry Martis, and his way of promoting future leaders.  Moreover, he would like to express his gratitude to (late) Fr. Augustine Antao, for exceptional support and co-operation to MCCP in its early days.    


Married to Elizabeth Flora of Hospet on 25th April, 1984, the couple has been blessed with three children – one son and two daughters.  The eldest one – Lionel is an Engineer with MBA from UK and the second one – Rachel is pursuing her final year in B.E.  The youngest one – Michelle, is in 12th Standard.  Theirs is an ideal family cohesive like a well knit fabric.  According to Henry Martis, he owes a great deal of gratitude to his wife – Elizabeth Flora, for her inspiration, wholehearted support and sacrifices in many ways


He has inherited certain fine qualities of social/community service from his parents and uncle – Maurice D’Sa who was School Head Master.  These deep rooted values of community service motivate him to actively participate in collection drives for the needy and share with economically weaker sections of the society.  He has extended lot of support to the visiting priests from Coastal Karnataka and supported educational institutions to impart quality education to our younger generation.    


  • In Muscat, MCCP was the first one to recognise his services to the community and that recognition has given him a great satisfaction.
  • During school days he received best student of the year award.
  • Working with Tatas in Mumbai, he received Punctual Employee award
  • Many such recognitions for his service and support back home for church activities and other institutions.

In conclusion, he has expressed his appreciation for the 20th year Executive Committee with Stanely T.H. Fernandes, at helm of the affairs, for all the good works that they are doing as a part of 20th year celebrations.  As always, MCCP is close to his heart and hence, any achievement by MCCP would bring special joy to him.

We at MCCP take this opportunity to wish Henry Martis and his family, good health, happy life, best of luck and professional success.

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