President – Prescilla Menezes

Prescilla Menezes


2014 -15

‘Year 23’

Theme : Save Konkani, Create Novel Society

Native Parish in Mangalore

Cordel – Holy Cross Church, Kulshekar, Mangalore


Philip John D’souza

Chief Accountant: Assarain Foods LLC (since 1993)


 Phiyola D’souza – 14 yrs

Prescilla, 5th child of dear and popularly known as Menezes Master (Late Peter Menezes) and Betty bai (Mrs. Beatrix Sequeira), was born at famous Jog Falls, brought up in Sagar – St. Joseph’s Parish belonging to Shimoga Diocese. With ancestral roots in Mulky and Kulshekar respectively, Petty & Betty migrated on their Government assignments. God fearing and spiritually active parents at their respective parishes, teachers by profession, they encouraged their 6 children (2boys and 4 girls) in all areas of life, by instilling good moral family values such as kindness, fear for God and set an example to serve the needy, thus teaching the meaning to an adage ‘service starts at home’. Though born and brought-up in a Hindu oriented place, dominated by Kannada dialect in Church services as well, her parents emphasized on maintaining the rich culture and heritage of Konkani language and Mangalore as a whole, in their children.

Prescilla accomplished her academic studies at Sagar and moved to Mangalore in 1985 for additional technical education. Subsequently, she worked for 12 years at the helm of an esteemed business group. Blessed in matrimony with Mr. Philip belonging to a typical Mangalorean family at Boliyar of Amembal Parish is very happy and contented having returned to the ancestral roots. She moved to Oman in the year 2000, and the couple is blessed with a darling angel Phiyola who is currently schooling at Indian School Muscat. Prescilla has the experience of working at the Managing Director’s office of Towell Engineering group for ~ 10 years.

A vibrant personality, though outlook seems reserved, she basically is a fun loving and jovial person. Strong headed, multi-tasking, time management and administration are her core strengths. Her positive attitude towards life is to defeat the word ‘NO’ or ‘NOT POSSIBLE’. Spiritually strong and active in various Parish communities, she says it is all possible because of her husband being her pillar of strength and support, though gives credit to her parents who have nurtured her to accomplish a life with a difference.

She is a befitting candidate to adorn the positions at the office of any community or organization because of the experience at international organizations. She served as ‘Secretary’ in Lions Club of Kaveri, Mangalore (1997 – 98) which was then the only and 1st founded club with all ladies as Lions. She works with such precision and dedication that is proved through numerous awards, such as ‘Best in-house bulletin Editor, Best club magazine, 100% attendance award, Membership growth award, and for best cultural activities’. During her term as General Secretary for the milestone 20th year of MCCP lead by Stanley TH Fernandes, she had proved her ability and strengths. Accordingly, she was unanimously nominated for Founder President of First Ladies Toastmasters Club ‘DOMINA TOATMASTERS’ initiated and implanted by MCCP in its 20th year (for the betterment of Community women) now flourishing on the international platform as the ladies have proved their esteem against the seasoned clubs.. She currently is the Councilor of Domina Angels… Under this banner around 35 – 50 gaveliers are being mentored for leadership, communication, public speaking and etiquette skills…, alongside their talents are nurtured. She takes an extra step outside the format, to build a person’s stature, because Prescilla believes that ‘if academics give knowledge….. co-scholastics teaches to use the academic knowledge to become a good and successful professional. Therefore, being co-scholastic is eminently important.

A Multi-faceted lady, also adding to her credentials is her success in sports such as Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Cycling and Ball Badminton. She participated at District level and University level tournaments. A bundle of talents, is especially a trained Classical Dancer having to her credit the honor of performing atleast 50 stage shows in the region in her youthful days. Bharathnatyam though is a Hindu Dance form, she choreographed and performed on Christian spiritual Hymns at almost every stage performance, thus feeling satisfied about evangelization at a very young age. She won the 1st place at District level Classical Dance Competition held in Mangalore Town Hall for Senior category in 1985, adding to the prizes won during School and College days. Music & Singing are also her passion, and she won numerous accolades and awards in various competitions since childhood.

‘Prescilla’ a diversified persona believes in ‘perfection’. Her mantra is, though we live in a short-cut & spoon feeding / readymade world, creating awareness of basic training complimented with hard work in respective fields, will help the young sect to elevate confidence and master their talents. To think and deliver aptly on the call of an occasion or event or activity, is her added attitude for crises management.

As a President, the vision Precilla has this year

  1. Is to achieve the objective of carving MCCP’s name & fame on the global map, being recognized as unique community with rich culture, creating home atmosphere away from home, and also be at service being beneficial to the less fortunate brethren.
  1. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.(Deuteronomy 6:7)


    To wear the shoes of ‘Y’Gen and deep root in them the spiritual and moral values significantly through Culture and Tradition… by this making them realize how important it is to have an identity than to be lost in the crowd where none or nobody cares! Every person should get an opportunity to live their dream… so strive to help many in this direction.



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