President – Lancy Lobo


Native: Kelarai

Spouse: Anitha

Children: Lenita and Andril

A well-known actor and a person who is ever willing to take any responsibility with a smiling face, Lancy is loved by all in the Mangalorean Community.  He has served MCCP as Cultural Coordinator in the year 2007-08 & was the Vice President – Cultural, Spiritual & Community Services in the year 2010 – 2011. He also wholeheartedly supported the previous committees. The rich hands on experience and popularity within the community, is a perfect choice and a apply person to step into the shoes of the highest coveted post ‘President’ this year.

Lancy Lobo is the eldest child among 6 beloved children of Mr. Alphonse Lobo and Late Benedicta Lobo.  His 3 brothers and 2 sisters looked upon him during their childhood to share their joys and sorrows along with their parents.  Being born in a family who traditionally were farmers, he developed the traits of being a simple and hard working person.

Taking his family profession a step forward, Lancy completed his hotel management in Mumbai.  During these days he realized he has an immense liking for performing arts like singing, dancing and acting apart from cooking.  While he took his penchant for cooking as an option of his profession, he kept in touch with his other hobbies by organizing events in performing arts.  He became extremely popular and met many people with whom he could share his ideas and thoughts.

He works for Khimji Ramdas group for their Pizza Hut venture as Area Manager.  Due to his devotion and sincerity towards his job he was awarded as the Best Restaurant Manager not once but twice and as a part of recognition he was sponsored to visit many countries and for various training sessions by his employer.

Lancy has taken a task upon himself to redefine the way children entertain themselves currently through television and electronic games.    “My aim is to improve the unity, love, understanding among the Mangalorean community and I want to set a different level of entertainment and fun thereby creating opportunities and a platform to bring out new talents especially among the children and the youth as a means towards good physical and mental development.” Realizing the planted facts of the yester years ‘United for stronger community’& ‘Youth – Our Strength, Our Future’ Lancy has taken a step forward to involve the entire family in a different perspective through entertainment and fun, so that at large community can sustain in the longer run by holding the flag high amongst other communities.

The President – Lancy, calls every member of the family to actively participate in every event planned for the year… and enjoy the most by living as a Mangalorean, in this part of the world.  With great enthusiasm he shares, “On the global map MCCP has been our identity as a Mangalorean, away from home in a foreign land, and so we have to live our original way that cannot be snatched away…!

Namaan thuka Manglura…, Laamb Jeeyo MCCP, Muscat.” 


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