Lawrence Alva

lawrence ph

President –MCCP -2012-13

Spouse: Irene Alva

Children : Luvieen Alva



Lawrence Alva, a professional trainer has a God gifted nature of blending with people of all age groups& different cultures; and this has contributed to his successful career. His sense of humour and contribution to the moment, spruces up a gathering at any time and ensures the environment is in elevated spirit. Well organized, disciplined and focused in his work; leads the team by example to deliver desired results within the set time lines.Excellence is his objective.

 With a humble beginning in 1991; Lawrence has reached the high professional ranking position in Oman today; leading andmanaging a prestigious and the largest training business house. He shares “believing in self, hard work and dedication has helped me climb the career ladder steadily and reach this apex position”.

 Lawrence, fourth among six children of Christine and Isaac Alva from Moodubelle parish; is a multi tasking and a multi faceted individual, and a linguist. He is an All-rounder, good at academics; sports (outdoor and indoor) and cultural activities. Travelling is his hobby started at the age of twelve; thus exposed to different cultures and learnt many languages. One of his favourite pass times is meeting people, discussing life; its source and destination.

 His love and affection towards Konkani Culture and Language is the driving force to dream of building MCCP Community stronger so that generations to come benefit from the fruits of our rich culture and enjoy the heritage being away from home. Lawrence admits,“Listen to the community and facilitate in every way to achieve its objectives. I am fortunate to be guided and led by enthusiastic, committed and experienced seniors who have been involved in MCCP for many years. Together with them I will contribute my bit to strengthen the community”.

President Alva Speaks ….!

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