About us

We are an ethnic-religious community of Roman Catholics, who trace their heritage to Mangalore and speak the Konkani language.

We strive to bring unity among Mangalorean Catholics through the celebration of faith and fellowship of our traditional culture.

We are united to serve the community by providing a platform to bring Mangalorean Catholics together as one in order to promote and sustain our culture values and tradition.


We are a close knit well-rounded community. We strive to preserve our culture through the various events organized. One of them is Monti Fest.

Monti Fest is one of the major festivals of the Mangalorean Catholic community, celebrating the Nativity feast and the blessing of new crops.


The history of Konkani dates back to the 4000 BC. It possibly involved three cycles of migration. Keeping the Konkani language existent is challenging for a person residing outside Mangalore. The problem is further compounded for Mangaloreans residing abroad. MCCP aims to preserve the essence of our identity, our mother-tongue – ‘Konkani’.