News: Sunita Furtado

Pics: Nagesh

Muscat, May 15: The year 2023-24 marked a significant milestone for Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP) president Nirmala Goveas and her all-women Executive Committee as they conducted their annual day event recently, with aplomb coupled with loads of fun and entertainment.

The day commenced at Sts Peter and Paul Church, Ruwi, with a solemn Konkani Mass led by Fr Stephen Lewis, the spiritual director of MCCP. The beautiful choir, consisting of Sachin Lobo, Joel Mendonca, Joyal D’Souza, Melroy Quadras, Naveen Mathias, Renita D’Souza, Lavisha D’Souza, Suman Mathias, Veena Fernandes, Johan Mathias (Guitar), Laura D’Sa (Violin), Evan Mathias (Keyboard), Nathan D’Souza (Keyboard), and Annalise Dias (Violin) added a spiritual dimension to the Eucharistic celebration.

The highly anticipated musical extravaganza, the highlight of the Annual Day celebrations, commenced at the Ramee Dream Resort in Seeb. The programme opened with a prayer song ‘Parameshwara,’ beautifully rendered by Apolonaris D’Souza, Reshma D’Costa, Vivian Fernandes, Laveena Fernandies, Flavia Castelino, Reena Dsouza, Sanil Dsouza, Ivan Moras and Reena Dsouza.

Dynamic master of ceremonies (emcee) for the evening, Sweeny Maria D’Souza, made a grand entry and charmed the audience with her charisma, while keeping them engrossed throughout the event.

A mesmerizing prayer dance performed by mother-daughter duo, Pramila and Mayola Pais, set the tone for the evening. They were accompanied by little angels Serah Menezes, Resten Pereira, Reeva Dsouza, Noah Noronha, Delroy Covelho, and Aliester D’Souza.

President Nirmala Goveas then graced the stage, delivering an inspiring address to the gathering, before inviting her esteemed committee members to join her. Their harmonious voices filled the venue with the theme song, ‘Stree Gharcho Divo, Saunsaracho Uzwad’.

Fr Stephen Lewis then led the assembly in a solemn prayer. Chief guest, Meera D’Souza, and guest of honour, Winnifred Fernandes, were warmly welcomed to the stage. The event was then officially inaugurated with the ceremonial lighting of the lamps.

Highlighting MCCP’s commitment to community service, president Nirmala Goveas presented significant donations towards the construction of a water-proof ceiling at Ruwi church, a new catechism block at Ghala Church, and educational assistance.

The invaluable support of generous sponsors was gratefully acknowledged by the committee, who invited them on stage for a special felicitation. Following this, all committee members and their spouses were also felicitated for their dedicated service towards the community.

The formal proceedings culminated as the committee’s general secretary, Reshma Pereira, delivered the annual report, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the year’s achievements and activities.

Following the distribution of snacks, the audience eagerly anticipated a captivating showcase of music and entertainment. Renowned and versatile singers from the Konkani music industry, Velita Lobo and Ashwin D’Costa, graced the stage with a grand entrance, and regaled the audience with a medley of popular songs in Konkani, Hindi, and Kannada. Their soulful melodies accompanied by their charismatic energy resonated deeply with the audience and enchanted the hearts of all present.

Elevating the entertainment quotient further were performers from the community who astounded the audience with their remarkable talents. The energy of the evening escalated with ‘ Muscatchi Kinkule’; a group of little children, namely, Gian Covelho, Gabriel Mascarenhas, Houston Pinto, Jazlyn Fernandes, Kyra Lewis, Leeon Fernandes, Natania Britto, and Raelyn Liana Rebello who fascinated the gathering with their stellar dance moves. Their dance was choreographed by Lolita Covelho, Reshma Rebello and supported by Lavina Fernandes.

Up next, delivering a spellbound performance that enthralled all were ‘Jazz Juniors’ Alansha Pinto, Adam Suhaan, Deanne Serra, Liana D’Souza, Tristan Dcunha and Tiara Dcunha. Choreographers for this dance routine were Mamta D’Cunha, Sonal Pinto and supported by Ophelia Lazarus. It was then time for the ‘Dynamite Divas’ to dazzle the audience with their dexterity and dancing prowess. The group comprised of Arleen Saldanha, Astrida D’Souza, Crystal Pereira and Janis Sequeira, and the dance was choreographed by Janis and Savio Sequeira.

Multitalented comedy duo, Peter Fernandes and Praveen Niddodi, delighted the audience with their hilarious skits and impeccable comic timing; infusing moments of laughter amidst the songs and dance routines. Talented dancers Aldrean Moras and Reia Correa left the gathering in awe with their scintillating performance to foot-tapping songs choreographed by Aldrean Moras. Another talented performer, Jane D’Souza, showcased an eclectic mix of dance styles that infused the atmosphere with energy, even compelling Ashwin D’Costa to join her on stage for one of the dances. Another highlight of the evening was young talent, Janis Sequeira, whose soulful medley of Konkani, Kannada, Hindi and English songs left everyone enchanted.

It was then time to felicitate the artists as Velita Lobo was felicitated by Vijai D’Cunha, AGM – Marmul Hospitality Group; Ashwin D’Costa was felicitated by Sunil D’Souza, CEO – Travel Point LLC.; and emcee Sweeny D’Souza was felicitated by chief guest Meera D’Souza.

This was followed by the felicitation of a dedicated group of supporters who played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the programme. The supporters included Aslita D’Souza, Ashwin Dcunha, Vikas Fernandes, Stino Pinto, Vijai D’Cunha, Loveline Rego, Monica Fernandis, and Loy Castelino. Sports Secretary, Anyrith Sherleen D’Souza, then delivered the Vote of Thanks. As the evening drew to a close, the icing on the cake of this entertaining event was a fun dance performance by all the executive committee members. Another surprise element was the famous Konkani song ‘Ye Chedwa’ beautifully rendered by president Nirmala Goveas, Ashwin D’Costa and Sweeny D’Souza.

Internal Auditor, Melisha D’Souza, led the gathering in prayer with the ‘Grace before Meals’. President Nirmala Goveas along with vice presidents Jane Castelino and Caroline Pinto demonstrated the traditional ritual of ‘Chembanth Udak’ symbolizing the opening of the delectable dinner buffet. The culinary spread featuring traditional Mangalurean delicacies from RaRa Kitchen, along with a delectable pork dish prepared by Gracy Castelino, provided a delightful feast to all present. While most attendees savoured their dinner, others took to the dance floor, shaking a leg to the lively Baila beats of DJ Loveline Rego.

The community spirit shone brightly at MCCP’s annual day celebrations, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who attended. It was an unforgettable evening filled with music and cherished memories that will be fondly remembered for a long time to come.

MCCP thanked their mega sponsors Raphael D’Souza – Muscat Golden Services LLC, Baltazar Fernandes – Talentz Enterprises LLC, Raphael & Mrs. Agnes Quadros – Zahrat Al Rawdha Trading, Ligoury & Margaret D’Mello -Technofit Trading LLC, Dilip Mehta – Muscat Pharmacy, courtesy – Stanley Fernandes, Dilip Correa – Sky United Logistics, Sunil D’Souza – Travel Point LLC, Hansel Barboza, Jishil – Best Line Printing Press, Shamin Sequeira – Middle East Industrial Supplies LLC, Francis D’Souza – Renna Mobile, Saranga Rajan – Enroil Oilfield Solutions & Services, Jessie Vivian Pereira – Minara and Vijai & Jane D’Cunha – proprietor, Hotel Rays Inn, Guruvayanakere, Mangaluru.

Nagesh & team were specially thanked for photography & videography, staff of Talentz Enterprises C for sound, light & LED , Meera Saldanha, Preema D’Souza and Lavisha Sequeira for handling the registration responsibilities, Henry & Gracy Castelino for pork preparation and Michelle & Jessel Pinto for backstage support.