Pics: Joachim D’Souza

Report: Dynet Fernandes

Muscat, Feb 21: Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP), Oman, being one of the premier forums of the Mangalurean expats in Oman, organized ‘Mangalurean Day’ on the February 15 at the Wadi Kabir Indoor Club. Enthused by its hugely successful ‘Mangalorean Day’ celebrated over the few years, the celebration has become an event anticipated with zeal by all community members as it is a family day with complete entertainment package.

The beautiful venue surrounded by mountain ranges at one side and onlooking large sea view on the other, with a mixed atmosphere of warmth and blissful breeze gave a great welcome and an outing spot to the community members. In the beginning, the members got themselves registered in teams for the sports. The members then had a delicious breakfast with hot tea and coffee. The programme began with an opening welcome note from Roshan Tellis (vice president- Finance & Sports) alongside all executive committee members on stage. Walter Mendonca (Spiritual Secretary) recited the prayers invoking God’s blessing for the success of the event.

Welcome speech was delivered by Ajith Walder, MCCP president. Ajith expressed in his speech that human beings are social animals and stressed that a bit of fun in life is necessary to attain bliss in our lives. It also helps us to get insight and understanding of the fellow members, their talent and skills.

The programme then officially inaugurated by the chief guest Dilip Correa, who was received on stage with flower bouquet by Ajith Walder. Dilip Correa a well-known community leader and erstwhile MCCP president and active social worker, briefly spoke about the importance of community participation in the like events, and also spoke a word of encouragement to them. The event was then declared open by the traditional breaking of coconut by the chief guest and the President of MCCP.

The days’ sports event planned and supported by all the MCCP executive committee members and skillfully anchored by Dolly Gomes, who formed enthusiastic groups each for Volleyball for men and Throw ball for Women. The referee of the day was Gotham Raj, who helped in having a fair and continuous flow of matches. Deepak D’Souza, Flavy D’Souza and Ashok Pinto gave a live commentary which boosted the vigour in players and zeal among the spectators. Simultaneously, Hit the Wicket matches were held for the children in Kindergarten and Grade 1-3. The children enjoyed the game and performed well. The event paused for a small break for lunch. Melita Alva (General Secretary) conducted the prayer before meals, soon then all were served with delicious traditional meals, which gained all out praise by each and every one.

The post lunch event was taken over by Loveline Rego , well known Bollywood DJ from Ruwi and Joe Obil, an energetic and enthusiastic personality from Ghala, who in his witty style conducted the Fun games and sports . They did a tremendous job in making this event to achieve the resounding success that it deserved. ‘Lagory’ a favourite village sports of the childhood was first time introduced by Deepak D’Souza (Cultural Secretary) which reminded the gathering the native days.

Sumptuous refreshments were offered in the evening. The event closed with a prize distribution ceremony that started with announcement of winners of the crib competitions that was held in December 2018, and also the drawing competition that was held in January 2019 which was judged by Sasikumar and Tamilarasan. The participation spirit of the community made the event a grand success. Winners were honored with gifts and the participants were honored with give-away bags. Vote of thanks was addressed by Flavia Dsouza (Vice President- Cultural, Spiritual & CS).

The event was organised with great professionalism by all the team members of the executive committee of MCCP “Team-27” for the year 2018-19, whose support and efforts were whole heartedly acknowledged by Ajith Walder – the president. The other executive committee members of Team-27 are Roshan Praveen Tellis (vice president-Sports &
Finance), Flavia D’Souza (vice president-Cultural, Spiritual & Community Service), Melita Sheela Alva (general secretary), Ashok Kiran Pinto ( honorary treasurer), Denzil Nishan Sequeira (internal auditor), Ajith D’Costa (sports secretary), Deepak Ranjan D’Souza (cultural secretary), Walter Mendonca (spiritual secretary), and Dynet Fremcitha Fernandes (community service secretary).

The mesmerising event came to an end at 6:30 pm. Appreciation was heard from all round. MCCP also received requests for organizing similar functions in future. The feedback was a great inspiration and encouragement for MCCP Team -27.

MCCP gratefully acknowledged the support and cooperation in conducting the event:

Teaming the volunteers by: Reema Tellis, Nancy Dsouza and Sharon Alva

Photo coverage: Joachim D’Souza

DJ: Loveline Rego

Sound System: Walter Mendonca and Alwin Saldanha

Banner: Dean D’souza

MCCP website support: Vijay D’cunha

Goody Bag Sponsors: Al Reef Mahendra, Al Maya Raam, Ibn Sinha Pharmacy – Remy, Ramniklal Kothary, Muscat Pharmacy, Areej Vegetables & Oil – Jessie Pereira, Sunil Menezes, Thomas Pinto, Shelet Lobo, Oman Foodstuff Factory – Brinston Noronha

Medical assistance was provided by NMC Healthcare – Wilfred Lasrado

The winners of the day-long activities that were conducted during the event are:

1. Hit the Wicket – KG, I and II, and III

Winners: KG 1 & 2:

1st: Laisha

2nd: Rishon

3rd: Rachel

Winners: I and II, and III:

1st: Ralston

2nd: Calida

3rd: Delon

2. Men – Volleyball


I. Ajith D’costa

II. Jason Cardoza

III. Dhilan Vaz

IV. Ashok Mathias

V. Aashok Tellis

VI. Sunil Menezes

Runner up:

I. Deepak D’souza

II. Vikas

III. Nivesh

IV. Jeevan

V. Eugene

VI. Alphones

3. Ladies – Throwball


I. Nancy D’souza

II. Cynthia Lobo

III. Janet Rodrigues

IV. Reshma Saldanha

V. Priya Menezes

VI. Michelle Mathias

VII. Reshma Rebello

VIII. Helen Sequira

IX. Jacintha Fernandes

Runner up:

I. Flavia D’souza

II. Reshma

III. Rochelle

IV. Flavy

V. Reena

VI. Shanti

VII. Agnes

VIII. Jovita

IX. Cyntia

X. Nirmala

4. Fun sports: Lagory – a village sport of the native took back to the childhood memory

5. The other winners who were honoured are

Crib making competition:

1st: Qurum Friends

2nd: Naveen Mathias & Family

3rd: Ajith Jude D’souza

Drawing competition:

I. Category A

1st: Rian Saldanha, 2nd: Alora D’souza, 3rd: Houston Pinto

II. Category B

1st: Nathan Chris Machado, 2nd: Laurette Rego, 3rd: Risha Saldanha

III. Category C

1st: Tania Shania Saldanha, 2nd: Harlene Maria Pinto, 3rd: Shelton Neil Sequeira

IV. Category D

1st: Christine .A. Danthi, 2nd: Leanne Alva, 3rd: Roshel Renisha Tellis

V. Category E

1st: Calida Simona Machado, 2nd: Lael Alva, 3rd: Lovette Rachel Rego

VI. Category F

1st: Gail Naiara Castelino, 2nd: Rochelle Maria Quadros, 3rd: Silvita Nisha Sequeira

VII. Category G

1st: Aslita D’souza, 2nd: Priya Quadros, 3rd: Alwin Jerald Fernandes