News: Dynet Fremcitha Fernandes
Pics: Joachim D’Souza

Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP) led by Team-27 recently conducted an exciting ‘Annual Badminton Tournament’ at the recreation center of the Royal Hospital on March 29. The audience witnessed a total of 39 contesting teams (doubles) who made their way through healthy matches to reach to the finals.

The badminton tournament, which is one of the most awaited events of the year, had the huge popularity in the Community and the same had ensured a large gathering of members and their families. The audience also drove from various parts of the country and had cheered the players throughout. The event started with delicious morning breakfast, and thereafter the matches were declared open with a prayer led by Walter Mendonca, the Spiritual Secretary, followed by warm welcome by president Ajith Walder, who briefly spoke about the MCCPs endeavour to unite the community through these popular sports events.

The members were asked to pre-register themselves on the MCCP website which was being supported by Vijay Dcunha. Dolly Gomes an ardent supporter of MCCP and lover of sports took over the reins of conducting the matches, firstly by drawing lots in each category and then ensuring the sequence of matches in the two badminton courts were made available for the tournament. Gururaj and Manoj, the referees were introduced and the rules of the tournament were explained.

Started with the preliminary rounds, the matches were played in 5 categories: Boys & Girls Doubles/Mixed Doubles (Below 17 years), Ladies Doubles (Above 17 years), Men’s Doubles (Above 17 years), Mixed Doubles (Above 17 years), Men & Women Doubles/Mixed Doubles (above 45 years). At the end of the afternoon, the tournament was then followed by a closing ceremony, where the winners were recognized during a prize distribution ceremony led by Melita Alva, general secretary. Prize distribution was done by Ashok Mathias, who was the sponsor of the event. To show gratitude, Team 27 president Ajith Walder felicitated and thanked him for his support. The referees of the tournament along with Dolly Gomes were also felicitated for their support.

The event was organised with great professionalism by all the team members of the executive committee of MCCP ‘Team-27’ for the year 2018-19, whose support and efforts were whole heartedly acknowledged by Ajith Walder. The other executive committee members of Team-27 are Roshan Praveen Tellis (Vice President-Sports & Finance), Flavia D’Souza (Vice President-Cultural, Spiritual & Community Service), Melita Sheela Alva (General Secretary), Ashok Kiran Pinto (Honorary Treasurer), Denzil Nishan Sequeira (Internal Auditor), Ajith D’Costa (Sports Secretary), Deepak Ranjan D’Souza (Cultural Secretary), Walter Mendonca (Spiritual Secretary), and Dynet Fremcitha Fernandes (Community Service Secretary).

MCCP congratulated all the winners and all the teams for taking part in this great tournament. The winners of the tournament are as follows:

The memorable sports event concluded before noon. Appreciation was heard from all around. MCCP also received requests for organising similar functions in future. The feedback was a great inspiration and encouragement for MCCP Team-27.

MCCP gratefully acknowledged the support and cooperation of Sharon Alva for teaming the volunteers, Joachim D’Souza for photo coverage, Alwyn Mendonca for sound system, Dean D’Souza for banner design and Vijay D’Cunha for MCCP website support.