As the Christmas season draws closer, the Spirit of Joy and Happiness is in the air. To add to the spirit of celebration, MCCP Team-28 announces Kuswar making competition.

Please submit your entries online before 28-11-2022, and deliver the items at Ruwi Church on 01-12-2022 between 6.00 pm to 6.30 pm, with a clear label mentioning the name, MCCP Membership Number, and Mobile Number. For further assistance, please get in touch with Vikas Fernandes:95899421 on that day.

The following home-made traditional Kuswar is to be presented at the competition:

  • Chakkulies
  • Nevis
  • Rose Cookies – Kokis etc
  1. For participants taking part in Kuswar, quantity has to be a minimum of 5pcs in each category.
  2. Recipe details should be presented with the item.
  3. Judgment criteria will be on the basis of Authenticity, Savor and Presentation
  4. The judges’ decision is final and incontestable.
  5. Registration is on our website with membership details and categories to participate. Kindly contact the below numbers for further assistance.
  6. The last Date for entries is 28.11.2022.
  7. Items are to be delivered at Ruwi Church compound on 01.12.2022 – Between 6 pm – 6.30 pm
  8. MCCP reserves all the rights on selection.

For further information, contact: Vikas Fernandes: 95899421, Praveen Serra:99832714, Reshma D’costa: 96073619, Merita Pinto:91881547, Tresilla Menezes:91164347.

Fill in the following form to participate in this competition: