The greatest thing anyone can do for God or man is pray.”

Report: Lavina D’Sa

Photographs: Joachim D’souza

The Mangalorean Catholic Center of the Parish (MCCP) Muscat in association with Goan Community Oman (GCO) organized a Spiritual day in the Sts. Peter and Paul church, Ruwi on 31st March 2017. During this Lenten season, the members had an opportunity to receive and to acknowledge our Lord’s abundant blessings by spending some time in the presence of our Lord.

The day with the Lord – A spiritual journey began with a reflection on the Stations of the Cross at 7.15am. It was followed with a talk by Fr. Marian Miranda, emphasizing on how to lead a good Christian life, sacrifice and repentance. The talk as well highlighted to know more about catholic faith and make us stronger to come closer relationship with our God. Fr. Marian is the Spiritual Director of MCCP. The talk was followed by a session of praise and worship conducted by Sr. Maria. Spiritual reflection with slide presentation was presented by Melita Alva, General Secretary of MCCP.

As a part of Lenten preparation, Priests were made available to the faithful for confessions in English and Konkani. With the Adoration of the holy sacrament, the faithful presented their devotion by way of prayers, spiritual reflections and praise and worship. It was organised by Naveen Mascarenhas, Spiritual secretary of MCCP in co-ordination with Helen Lobo, Asha Noronha, Philomena Saldanha and Wilson Lobo from the Mangalorean community. A short movie on Lent and Passion of Christ compiled by Lavina D’sa, Vice President –Spiritual, cultural and Community services and Sachin Lobo, Secretary for Community services was presented to the faithful. The whole spiritual journey reached its culmination of devotion through a Konkani mass celebrated by Fr. Marian Miranda.

Lunch was served to all the faithful who attended the spiritual day. It was indeed a very enriching spiritual session and an event to rejuvenate our Christian faith. MCCP headed by Dilip Correa as the President of the current year and Goan Community under the leadership of Savio Carvalho and Gayle Arajuo have indeed made a sincere effort to bring together spiritually the Konkani community in Muscat under one roof.

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