General Secretary – Celine D’souza



Native: Bajpe

Spouse: Alfred D’souza

Children: Neha & Ashley

With a gifted smiling face, her personality comes to the fore when she interacts with people with poise and self-confidence in her own quiet way. Though Celine was born in Mumbai, her roots still lie in Mangalore.  She is the youngest sibling among two kids of Late Mr. Francis and Margaret Mathias.  Distance makes the heart fonder is probably the basis due to which though she was born in Mumbai she made efforts not to alienate herself from the cultures and language of her native place.

Celine is a hard working and sincere person. The combination of being born in a Metropolitan city but at the same time her belief in traditional values and culture of her native place prompted Mr. Alfred D’souza to find her as his perfect soul mate he longed for.  True to his expectations, she has managed to blend a perfect life between her job, her husband and her 2 children, while her other interests include sports and Throwball stands out prominently.

She is presently employed with SATA LLC dealer for Porsche vehicles and is currently working in the capacity as Assistant to the Division Director.

Apart from her professional duties she has effectively managed to pursue her other interests.  She is currently the member of ABC Toastmasters Club and has won the 1st prize at the International Speech for Charter Ceremony of ABC Toastmasters Club.  She has already achieved the Advance Communication – Bronze and is pursuing to be a successful speaker at the Club.  She was elected as Vice President Membership for year 2010 -2011 & as Vice President – Education for the year 2012 – 2013.

She has been extending her services to the community in other capacities like Editor of the competition column for MCCP Oman website and also supports rendering and writing articles.  Celine is always available at any events to volunteer and support the organizing committee. Such is the interest & dedication.

Celine has already served the MCCP committee as Community Services Secretary for 2010 – 2011. As General Secretary for the current year, her aim is to involve all MCCP parents to inculcate the use of Konkani language amongst their children to maintain family values and keep up with the Mangalorean tradition and culture for generations to come.

Her involvement in one or the other activities of the community speaks volumes about her love, affection and dedication towards the tradition & culture imbibed in the community.  Celine and her family’s earnest desire to live as typical Mangaloreans in a foreign land, is a testimony of true love towards motherland MANGALORE.

Cheers MCCP!


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