Spiritual Secretary: Flavia V.T. Castelino


Flavia V.T. Castelino

Spiritual Secretary

2014 -15

‘Year 23’

Theme : Save Konkani, Create Novel Society

Native Parish in Mangalore

Vittal (Cordel-after marriage)


Wilfred Philip Castelino
Working at Muscat Pharmacy


Neil Antony Castelino, 12 yrs, class-7, ISWK
Gail Naiara Castelino, 10 yrs, class-6, ISWK


Hailing Our Lady of Dolours Church, Vittal Parish born to Late ALWYN PINTO & CECILIA PINTO (D’CUNHA), Flavia is the eldest child in the family with 3 siblings. She has transformed herself from Pinto to Castelino as she married Wilfred Philip Castelino belonging to Holy Cross Church, Cordel (Kulshekar) Mangalore. She says…I am blissful and blessed in my marriage with Wilfred since17 years, who is a fervent prince charming I could ever ask for. Wilfred also is a very quiet and silent worker of the community, but very sturdy in his values and ideas, which complements Flavy’s nature to be rugby, yet an elegant woman.

Though very graceful, soft spoken and always wearing a smile on her face, she is stern by nature that makes her a strong woman who strives for an identity and acknowledgement that has to be assumed for any status or job accomplished. She is a multi-talented lady and is a motivating and encouraging mother of the two little children Neil and Gail, who are also nurtured with talents and are seen at any stage performances of the community.

Teacher by profession, having served in Mangalore at St. Gerosa High School and MRPL School, is now teaching in Indian School (Wadi Kabir), Muscat. A popular all-round teacher, she is a true inspiration to the kids, both in academics or co-curricular activities. Having being born in a talented family, she herself is a dancer (trained in classical dance), and singer winning many awards during her young days, and even after she took up the profession of teaching. The winning spree has continued till date, as the spark of participation spirit has not diminished, Without the participation of Flavia and her family members, no talent hunt show is complete at the community… such is the spirit. Her mantra is “Participation is the spirit, ‘Winning or losing is a part of the game’, and this is the greatest motivation to every person she is associated with. She strives to encourage and introduce new talents at every possible opportunity she gets. Her love for Music is also noticeable as she is seen participating in every singing competition with melodious voice.

Born in a God fearing and respectable family, she is a culmination of art, intelligence and spiritual motive. The moral values inculcated in her are very strong, which has lead her to the position of spiritual secretary.

Her vision in this 23rd year of MCCP is to indoctrinate love & unity among all the members of MCCP and build up a faith filled community.

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