Internal Auditor: Ivan D’souza

Ivan D’souza

Internal Auditor

2014 -15

‘Year 23’

Theme : Save Konkani, Create Novel Society

Native Parish in Mangalore

St.Josephs Cathedral – Chikmagalur Karnataka


Anusha D’Souza


1.Aarush D’Souza

2.Aarav D’Souza

Name of the Organization

(If employed or have own business)

Aster-Al-Raffah Hospital

Senior Corporate Relation/ projects

Business minded by nature, Ivan is a resourceful person, who helps in the effortless execution of an event or function at any organization or community. Such is the persona of Ivan D’souza, always busy like a bee, anchoring himself at any opportunity that strikes where he can get going for the benefit of his business or the community. His widespread network is the strength that he shares with the community for easy management of any job that needs to be executed at any given point of time.

Ivan D’souza, with a loud physique is always available with a smile to serve despite his busy schedule. Belonging to a Coffee Estate region in the scenic beauty of Western Ghats of Karnataka, Ivan is born in a humble family of Dolphy & Nelly D’souza being the 2nd son. By nature he is a jovial, happy go lucky person, always keeping the atmosphere in an upbeat mood. He admits, his beloved wife Anusha is the motivational force for his success who also hails from the same parish. Blessed with cute boys, Arush and Aarav, they are a happy family, woven in the tradition and values of the motherland.

A self-motivated person by nature, Ivan has varied interests such as fishing, cooking, riding and a strong passion for photography. His passion for capturing beautiful moments and scenes has endeared him to have his own studio in the sultanate and therefore enjoys his profession. Very few opt for the profession of their interest upon graduating in the same line, and therefore Ivan after graduation continued to avail diploma in Catering services, which is why he enjoys job satisfaction. This field has earned him a huge friend’s network and therefore is resourceful as well as effective, wherever he sets his service whether for self or social /community cause.

Ivan, being young and energetic is always ready to take up any task and his active participation in sports or any progams proves his talents and skills. He is a very good communicator and orator.

At MCCP in the year 23, Ivan’s vision is to utilize his network for community events and support the team to excel in the quality of execution using his experience that will put MCCP’s image on the pedestal of a superlative degree that can be incomparable to other organizations.

Namma MCCP, damdaar MCCP..!

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