Honorary Treasurer – Stephen Prakash Rodrigues



2014 -15



‘Year 23’

Theme : Save Konkani, Create Novel Society

Native Parish in Mangalore

Holy Cross Church Byndoor. (Kundapur Varado).


Valentina Rodrigues.


1. Adventina Sarah Rodrigues.

2. Auraltina Rachel Rodrigues.

Name of the Organization

(If employed or have own business)

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

(On Secondment).

Mechanical Engineer positioned as a Quality assurance and Quality control Engineer &

Lead Auditor


Reserved by nature and short by stature… one cannot mistake about this connoisseur for his achievements or fun loving nature. Stephen Rodrigues, although looks as a strict army officer, he is very gentle and kind whose heart beats to every person in need, especially the down trodden. His birth place ‘Yedthare’ in Karnataka (Kundapur), although a village, is still popular for Indian Freedom Fighters. Maybe this atmosphere has embroidered him prima-fascia into a person of serious nature.


Born on 20th Dec, to Maxim and Veronica Rodrigues from Holy Cross Church Byndoor, Stephen is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Being the eldest in the family, he has two sisters and a brother who are well settled in their own strides. He gives credit to Lord God Almighty and to his parents for all his success throughout the journey of his life, i.e. during his bachelorhood and subsequently to his better-half Valentina, who is an ever smiling lady-beauty with brains. Valentina is a lawyer by profession, hailing from an Advocate’s family who are well known legal advisers in the region (Chickmagalur-Karnataka)… and surely her guidance would complement Stephen’s success as he spells it truly. Happily Married in 1990, the talented duo are blessed with 2 daughters Adventina and Auraltina, who are also highly talented and intelligent just like their parents.


Since when he was young till date, Stephen has always involved himself in church or community activities in various forums. His family too has been very active, serving in different communities… thus being connected spiritually or on social network. Active at extracurricular activities such as sports or dramatics since school age, he has always excelled in academics thus has the credit of being the first holder of an engineering degree at his parish. Being a self-made man swimming against the odd waves of life, he is an accomplished person in his vision and dreams which is shown in his profession as a quality engineer and also as a human being. The experiences of life are what makes him a simple person and thus nurtures his children with moral values to be good citizens and true Christians to the society.


Nevertheless, he is a world-wide traveller as his profession calls for being a Lead Auditor for a premium organization in Oman (PDO) and interacting with worldwide corporates. Simple living and High thinking is his mantra to achieve goals in life. With this motive he has been steadily climbing the ladder of success. His vision in the MCCP Year 23, is to see the youth and children of MCCP elevate the organization to greater heights. Therefore, he strives to share his knowledge, talents and experience in moulding them to triumph, without compromising on their roots of culture and tradition.


Laamb Jiyo MCCP… Amche Manglur, Amche Oman.



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