General Secretary – Shyla Rita Machado

2014 -15

‘Year 23’

Theme : Save Konkani, Create Novel Society

Native Parish in Mangalore

Shankerpura, Pangla.


Canute Machado.

Working at IMTAC LLC


Calvin Gill Machado.

Calida Simona Machado.

Tall, slim and a health conscious graceful lady… always on the move ensuring everything has fallen right in its place is the specialty of the General Secretary of Year 23, who is none other than Mrs. Shyla Machado.

Hailing from Shankerpura (Pangla) (native parish of her parents….) is the Daughter of Alfred and Clotilda Mathias, brought up with moral values that is depicted in her nature as she ensures that discipline and punctuality are maintained. She is happily married to Mr. Canute Machado, working for IMTAC LLC since 17 (years) in Oman, and they are blessed with intelligent angels Calvin and Calida studying at Indian School Muscat. Their intelligence, talents and behavior demonstrates the lovable nature and family bound upbringing by the talented duo Shyla and Canute.

Shyla a graduate from St. Mary’s college, Shirva, in her spinster age and before has been a very intelligent student always excelling in academics and also winning accolades at variety competitions. As such, she understands the importance of inculcating the interest and participation in co-scholastics which culminates a person to achieve success, therefore never leaves a stone unturned and never compromises with any opportunity that comes her way, thus motivating and encouraging her family and children who have also proved themselves to excel in the field they are associated with. A novel family that never shies away to portray the tradition, culture or speak their mother tongue ‘Konkani’, they thus are a model to our society who have carved a niche through their identity as pure Mangaloreans.

This passionate motive in life has lead her to be associated with the communities and premium organizations such as MCCP, adorning coveted posts in a very short period of her existence in the vicinity. To her credit, she has served as ‘Secretary’ in Muscat United Pangalites for the year 2013, and thereafter was unanimously elected as the President for the period 2014, which proves her capability of managing at the helm of affairs. This hands on experience has identified her to fit in the sought-after prestigious position as General Secretary of the premium organization MCCP, for the 23rd term.

Shyla’s vision for the year 2014-2015 is to elevate MCCP at an extraordinary level and make it significant on the global map, introducing new faces and new ideas through various programs.

Long Live MCCP, always united and stronger, caring for each other.

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