2014 -15

‘Year 23’

Theme : Save Konkani, Create Novel Society

Native Parish in Mangalore

ST. Anthony church Moodu Belle Udupi


Philomena Mendonca


Priyanka Mendonca

Name of the Organization

Logistics Manager
Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan & co. LLC. OMAN


Tall, dark, broad shoulder handsome is Edward Mendonca hailing from Moodubelle Parish, where normally talented people emerge from.

Blissful marriage with Philomena, rightly said to be the backbone of the family is an apt partner who supports every endeavor of Mr. Edward.

Multi-Talented daughter Priyanka is the star of MCCP, who can be seen as an active youth at any event whether school, community or Parish.

Edward is in Oman since 33 years, and is a strong headed and broad shouldered personality, with always a ‘YES’ to plunge himself in any situation where there is a need, whether be it a high profile event or at any small gatherings of any culture and trend of people. His jolly nature, gels him well with other community members as he also has the capability of mastering any ceremony with his witty shayaries and flawless rendition in our mother tongue – Konkani. A multi-talented personality excelling in acting, sports, ushering, etc… he always ensures any person around him is comfortable and happy.

Rich experience on hand serving in several committees at parish level and community at different levels, mainly as VP for Ghala Konkan Community of the Parish, as President for two year term & Cultural Secretary for all most 5 years for Belle Vision- Oman Chapter, all these have made him a stalwart figure in MCCP befitting to the coveted post of Finance that comes with great responsibility for the year 2014-2015. Vice President – Finance & Sports is a well-deserved position and the organization at its behest is privileged to have Edward serve this position.

Vision of Edward Mendonca as the Vice President of Sports & Finance, for MCCP Community is to reach out to maximum number of members in the community and give something very special which has not been done in the yester years that will go down in the memory lane of each and every person associated this year.

LONG LIVE MCCP is Edward’s favourite jingle.

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