Community Services Secretary – Neslin Cicilea Moras

Neslin Cicilea Moras

Community Services Secretary

2014 -15

‘Year 23’

Theme : Save Konkani, Create Novel Society

Native Parish in Mangalore

St. Joseph Church, Bajpe (parents)

Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Ruwi, Oman

Marital Status




Mr. Late. Nicolas Moras & Mrs. Sylvia Moras


Neston Moras (Elder Brother)

Name of the Organization

(If employed or have own business)

Admin and HR Head

Golden Global Logistics LLC

Beautiful, ever-smiling, and fun loving youth of the community, Neslin is the youngest amongst the executive team of year 23. Neslin Moras fills life in and around her, with great poise and posture which also demonstrates her upbringing inculcated with noble values, ensuring every person around her should be smiling. This nature one can see in this soulful person of kindness and happiness within.

Born and brought-up in Muscat, she knows every nook and corner of the city and dares to do any job entrusted to her meticulously. Proud parents of Neslin, Late Nicholas Moras and Mrs. Sylvia Moras should take the credit of her callous nature that she shows towards the hypocrites and shy not to condemn this group of people. This is simply because as she says – Her mom is her inspiration, as, since childhood after losing her father… she has seen her mother toiling alone managing the family business and fending the family taking care of the two young children fighting against the odds of the cruel world, however still managed to instill the good values without any compromise and nurtured them into becoming good Catholics, grooming them to face the society. Very emotional and a family oriented child, Neslin, feels the vaccum of her father’s presence, yet strongly believes that he is sending his blessings from above and she will always be his little princess.

A talented youth Neslin, loves taking the initiative in doing things. Her interests such as singing, travelling, playing and passion for swimming and diving, makes her an adventurous person. Living in Oman, after schooling and graduating here itself, her fun loving and jovial nature has earned her a huge band of friends, always ready to volunteer or support at any given time. She is an ardent lover of nature therefore loves to be behind the wheels mostly and spend time outdoors and at beaches. She owes her accomplishments and success to her loving mother and in her humble words admits “My greatest inspiration is my mother without whom I would not have been where I am today. I am a fun loving and people’s person”.

A good orator and presenter who always loved being on stage, Neslin is a toastmaster as well, standing tall on the coveted position of Founder Secretary of the Domina Toastmasters (an outfit implanted by MCCP for Ladies) and currently is holding the apex office as Vice President- Public Relations. This makes her befitting for the position of Community Services Secretary for the year 23 in this organization, a bridge between the members and the committee.

Her vision for MCCP ‘year 23’ is to focus on giving unbiased chances to new faces and new talents, believing there are numerous within the community and are the future of MCCP. Additionally, being a compassionate person towards the needy and less privileged brethren, she would also like the community to indulge in some charitable causes.

‘At MCCP – Together we can make it’, is what Neslin believes.

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