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Muscat Humanity First Foundation(HFF) spreads joy among seniors in Mangaluru

Media Release

Muscat, Apr 28: ‘Being Human first … for Humanity’ is the tagline of Humanity First Foundation (HFF) Muscateers that has inspired their first independent humanity project initiated in Mangaluru at Olavina Halli in the vicinity of Talapady. In a nutshell, at Olavina Halli, the nuns foster and take care of the senior citizens at their Rehabilitation and Community Development Centre, by housing approximately 150 destitutes who are old, sick and abandoned. For more details on the institution, please connect to the link http://www.daijiworld.com/chan/exclusive_arch

HFF Muscat team through the generosity of good Samaritans endeavored and accomplished a project worth Rs 2.50 lac by providing essentials and a sumptuous lunch at the Olavina Halli Old Age Home. The few hours were well spent with the seniors bringing smiles of contentment on their faces. It is said ‘Service is the rent we pay for our life earned on this earth’, and surely enough, the blessings flowed down from heaven above, and thus a part of the rent was paid through this service.

HFF Sharon Alva, working president for Mangaluru area residing in Muscat, with his team from Muscat and in Mangaluru, initiated and consummated the project at ground zero. The entire day’s programme was executed meticulously by him along with his team. Kevin Misquith (now Hffian) a popular singing sensation of the Mangalurean Konkani community enthralled everyone gathered at the venue, through his upbeat performance. From start to finish, HFF Sharon Alva was ably supported by Muscateers HFF Mariete Fernandes, president, Mangaluru area, team leader (Muscat) HFF Jacintha Machado, and also HFF Adolf D’Souza. Generous donors mostly belonging to HFF army comprising approximately 50 members, made it possible for HFF to achieve success with ease.

At a glance:

Project: Olavina Halli – Old Age Home
In-charge: Superior Sr Ann Rose
Address: Olavina Halli – Rehabilitation and Community Development Centre
Kinya Post, Mangaluru – 575 023
Tel: 0824-2280506
Email: [email protected]

Donation and Contribution: Worth Rs 2.50 lac

a) Two deep freezers
b) Medicines
c) Linen, toiletries and related accessories
d) Lunch

Donors: HFF Muscat team and their friends in Humanity

Team at ground zero:

Team led by: HFF(Muscat) Sharon Alva – Working president, Mangaluru Area
Event Anchor: HFF(Muscat) Prenita S
Entertainment: HFF Kevin Misquith
Support Team: HFF Rajesh Misquith, HFF Clarence Pinto, HFF Prem, HFF(Muscat) Shawn S , HFF Niranjan S.

HFF Sharon presented a memento to superior Sr Ann Rose on behalf of HFF. With a band of 11 nuns auxiliary, an elated Sr Ann Rose expressed, “As Christ has sacrificed his life for others, these brothers and sisters and the entire HFF group has sacrificed their time to bring a smile on our faces through their entertainment and generosity.” The smiles on the faces of the abandoned, mentally / physically disabled, sick and the needy brought true contentment. For HFF Muscateers, this inspiration flows from their founder HFF Naved Shaikh who breathes only humanity and service. The team in-charge and co-ordinators from homeland (India) are HFF Hemant Makhwana, national president and HFF Dhanalaxmi Balaga, Maharashtra president, who have extended their unreserved support and guidance to the HFF outfit of Muscat.
What is HFF?

HFF in its elaborated form is Humanity First Foundation, an NGO licensed and registered under the Indian government in February 2012 involving itself in social projects and also to voice the human rights of the less privileged and weaker sectors. The HFF member is empowered all over the country to fight for the human rights for bettering the system in the country (India) and the living status of its citizens. The vision of the institution is ‘To teach the youth nationwide about human rights and promote social welfare, thus helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace’.

This country-wide organization was primarily established in January 2011 by a young noble Indian Naved Shaikh as a one man army. HFF was initiated instantly when Naved Shaikh encountered a helpless and a hopeless situation of an Indian 10-year-old child suffering from hunger trying to find food from a smelly dirty garbage bin at the roadside and helped him.

Since then, the founder and the national president HFF Naved Shaikh hasn’t turned back, building his army countrywide with a force of over 30,000 members today, making noise at every corner of the country with one and only dream of ’empowering people’, thereby accomplishing several novel and enormous projects. The outfit ‘HFF’ is thriving in the country through sincere humanitarian services involving people from all sectors, communities, castes and status. ‘Indian / Hindustani’ is the religion of HFF. The journey from 2011 has seen many phases of services towards humanity and for its rights, through various projects such as Project Ahaar, Pj Child Support, Pj Udaan, Pj Know your rights, Pj Umeed, Pj Women Empowerment, Pj Helpage, to name a few. The current social project is Project Shiksha, primarily to fight against illegal donations and corrupt education system, executed through Save India human chain campaign at Mumbai on April 24. Few pics…..

To know more about HFF organization and its services, visit HFF www.humanityfirstfoundation.org or for updates / details connect on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/navedshaikh3333

HFF is now global, spreading its wings in the Middle East. The good Samaritans of Indian expat communities have come together forming a team to support the NGO HFF, for executing its projects and social service activities in the home country exclusively. HFF is currently in Muscat, Dubai and Kuwait. A few Indian expats from Abu Dhabi and Qatar have also joined the group directly.

In the recent past, HFF Muscat team comprising of Indian activists and leaders from different walks of life and communities generously supported to the noble cause of ‘Blanket Drive’, distributing blankets to the homeless sleeping on the streets on cold winter nights, supporting ailing child’s treatment, feeding the hungry on the streets under Proj Aahaar, ‘Adopt a Child’ to educate children under ongoing ‘Project Shiksha’. All the projects executed under the banner of HFF are approved by HFF head office, after scrutiny of legalities, intricacies and requirement.

HFF Muscateers also felt, being the volunteers of humanity, it’s the duty to support the social cause of residing country. In that direction the Muscat team has projected Blood Donation Camp to be held on 14th May 2016 in co-ordination with Ministry of Health, Muscat. With this camp, they aim to achieve the objective‘Give Thanks for Life, Give Life to Live’ should be achieved through every drop of blood donated as a humanity act.

HFF Muscateers say, “We are proud to be a part of HFF Army and therefore invite the human hearts to beat at the voice of the needy, society and humanity, as a HFFian. No reservations, every Indian is invited to join HFF.”

For registrations contact:

HFF Mariete Fernandes : [email protected] or
HFF Sharon Alva on gsm:95501302 / [email protected]

“Service is the rent we pay for our life earned on this earth”

HFF Muscateers say… “we are proud to be a part of HFF Army” and therefore invite the human hearts to beat at the voice of the needy, society and humanity, as a HFFian. No reservations, every Indian is invited. JOIN HFF.

For Registrations Contact:

HFF Mariete Fernandes : [email protected] or

HFF Sharon Alva on gsm:95501302 / [email protected]


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