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Vice President – Finance & Sports : Jessie Vivian Pereira


jessieJessie Vivian Pereira was born in Paladka as the eleventh of twelve children to Late Boniface and Eliza D’ Costa, in a God fearing family. The spiritual values inculcated in Jessie have been very strong, which is why with her ideologies, she leads her life by example serving in various communities of the Church, in Oman and in Mangalore. Soon after she accomplished her Bachelor degree in Arts from St. Agnes College, Mangalore, she secured a job in Karnataka Bank Ltd., at Head office, Kodialbail, serving in the bank for 8 years, prior to moving to Muscat to join her husband, Vivian Pereira, 24 years ago.

Education: Bachelors in Arts from St. Agnes College, specialization in Office Management

Jessie is a warm, caring and responsible lady, well- attuned to the emotions and needs of people around her. She is gifted with a broad range of interests and abilities; involving herself actively in various events arranged by the community. She enjoys working with team and instills a positive energy. She is known for her compassion and ever smiling, she draws people’s mind through her natural instinct for confiding in her their personal grievances and ever ready to extend her helping hand to the needy and deserving.

Jessie and Vivian are blessed with a daughter Ms. Venetia Pereira – pursuing her graduation in Waljat Colleges of Applied Science and son Vihaan Pereira, studying in 11th std. at ISM, Oman. She attributes her success to her mom who is an inspiration in all given circumstances and specially her dearest husband, Vivian and children, who are her great source of strength and support.

Sports is her passion; mainly throw ball, volleyball, badminton and cricket.. She has participated at District level and University level tournaments from Mangalore. She loves to spend her time with her family…


On the career front, Jessie works as a Planning & Coordinating Manager – for Managing Director & Executive Director – Marketing, at Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives SAOG, for 22 years, in a leading edible oil industry in the Sultanate of Oman.

She says, “We should, through compassion, love and generosity, always seek to give away that, which God has given to us, to benefit others”.  She quotes, “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” – Denis Waitley