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General Secretary – Melita Sheela Alva


melitaWith a pleasant personality and smiling face, Melita Sheela Alva is a bubbly lady always ready to take up any responsibility whole heartedly and enthusiastically.

Born in Kallianpur (Udupi), she is the elder daughter of Mr. Thomas Cornelio and Mrs. Emelia Cornelio, the renowned Cornelios of Kakkunje. Though born in Udupi, she is well-travelled and educated in various parts of India that adds to the confidence and versatility in her personality. She is a semi-finalist of Gulf Voice of Mangalore season 4.

Well known among her comrades as a bright and academic genius, she is a “Gold Medalist” from Manipal University and has won several laurels such as “Best Outgoing Student, Best Nurse Researcher” and many more awards in academics and cultural spheres. Upon graduating from Manipal College of Nursing, Melita married Prabhat Alva, and are blessed with two talented angels; son Lael and daughter Leanne. Like her parents, she and her husband believe that family is the essence of community and children are its pillars and they strive to imbibe family tradition along with modern values in their daily life. She believes that we should always be rooted to our traditions and moral values and is proud that her children are fluent in speaking their mother tongue Konkani, with pride. This family of four, is well-talented and active in all MCCP events and take pride in often performing as a family at various community events.


After completion of MPhil Nursing, Melita moved to Oman 4 years ago and is currently working as Senior Trainer for Ministry of Health; well-known for her dedication to teaching and very much loved by her students. She has been an active member of MCCP and desires to utilize her potential for the betterment of the community. Melita has varied interests and hobbies-in singing, dance, outdoor sports, reading and interior decoration.

With talented EC members as her, an amalgamation of talents and skills, the Silver Jubilee Year is going to lay exemplary benchmarks with several programs planned for the year to unite the Mangalorean Community, executing all events to perfection.

Melita shares, “For all of us here far away from our families, MCCP is a platform where we can associate with people of our own language and culture, definitely to make this place a home away from home. I am glad to be a part of Team-25, a perfect combination of dynamism and dedication and will do my best for the betterment of our community during the Silver Jubilee year and in the years to come”.