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Youth of the Youth – Lin Pinto


Sky is the Limit…!

“Life has given many opportunities to unfetter the matchless inspiration and creativity of youthfulness that resides within me.” – Lin Pinto

Always looking for platforms to better the good in her to be the best, buckle not under pressure, bear with the stress and fight it out even under duress, Lin has participated in a great whirlwind of activities so that the circuits of her greatest potential may spark into life.

Born to Mr. Lancy Antony Pinto and Mrs. Jacinta Pinto, active and well-known members of the Parish, sister to Lanston Mario Pinto and Lyndon Marino Pinto, Lin has been blessed by the Almighty by talents that know no boundary.

Her father Mr. Lancy a known person to all, has served in the Church as Co-ordinator of various choirs and ministries, and served MCCP as Vice President. Lin with great pride says, “My father, my hero…has taught me that Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base.”

Mother Mrs. Jacinta has been the backbone of her success says Lin with affectionate feeling “My Mom, silently is there to support her children in every walk of life teaching them to overcome every challenge whatsoever.

Lin’s elder brother Lanston is a person better known in school, college and Church as the Musical maestro blessed by God with magical fingers that fall on any instrument to produce perfect blend of melody and harmony. He is also featured as Youth of the YOUTH. Her younger brother Lyndon is a special child who is following the footsteps of his siblings, determined to make his family proud by his attempt to embellish and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A total blessed family, full of talents.

Right from her childhood days, Lin was the face seen in every competition, be it singing, dance, elocution, painting, dramatics, quiz or sports. Quite different from what most of us think, she believes that winning is important. She has won several awards and laurels, making her family totally proud of her.

She then moved to Mangalore to pursue Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) at St. Agnes College. She never thought that moving to Mangalore would just give her various opportunities to ignite the rays of innovation, the flames of passion and the light of destiny. During her degree days, as she walked into college, she won awards right from the first day. Some of the Titles conferred upon her in St. Agnes College were ‘Best Fresher’, ‘Miss Agnesian’, ‘Best Personality’ and ‘Young Achiever in College’. Being a famous face in college, she was part of huge friends’ circles, having friends in all streams.

Commonly known by her friends as a teachers’ girl, Lin was a close friend of all the sisters residing in St. Agnes College convent and the Priests who came to college. It seems, her teachers would always tease her saying that she would one day be the President of India! She has taken part in various inter-collegiate fests at Regional, State and National level in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Mad Ads, Ice Breakers and Best Manager, she never returned to college without getting a trophy.

Being a speaker, she has presented papers on various topics at College and Corporate level and has won the ‘Best Presenter’ award for her research work.

History is full of examples of how organizations and nations have attained extraordinary success with the help of outstanding leaders. It is the quality of leadership that usually determines the progress of an organization. Lin has been blessed with this quality of leadership. From small teams in school to college level has served in various posts as a Leader. She was the first elected Vice President, BBM of St. Agnes College. During her tenure, she has taken the college to greater heights and has helped the college see various milestones.

After BBM, she pursued Master of Business Administration (MBA) in St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore. In the entrance test of MBA, MAT she secured a 99.7 percentile, thereby achieving 1st rank in Karnataka and 3rd rank in India. During MBA too she took part and won in fests and competitions. She served the Gavel Club as President.

“Music is a part and parcel of me. It is a necessity for me-like food or water.”

Many of us know of Lin as that sweet melodious voice that sings for daily morning mass. Fr. Varghese has often referred to her as the Nightingale of Oman. She also plays keyboard and Guitar. She sings at a professional level for Downtown Cascades and other Bands in Oman and India.

She is an active member in Church taking part in various activities, ministries, Youth Groups and Prayer meetings. Always seen in church either singing in the Choir or providing her services, Lin has never said no as she feels that she can do everything through Jesus who gives her the strength. “I strongly belive and know that all the achievements and accomplishments are a gift and blessing from God. Without Jesus in my life, my life is empty because Jesus is my Superhero.

Her near and dear ones say that she is Beauty with Brains. She just proves it having excelled in academics and being crowned as Sts. Peter and Paul Church Parish Queen, St. Joseph Engineering College Queen and May Queen 2013( 1st Runner Up).

She tells me that “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I could tell God that ,’I used everything you gave me, both at your service and the service of Society'”.

A caption that keeps her going strong is “Life is like a camera, Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out – take another shot.”.

vis-a-vis… with Pres

  1. Hey, Lin…you are an awesome cool youth… full on with talent, yet firm on values and spirituality…excelled in everything….almost! Seldom, can i spot such youth in the present society…! I want to know more about you on one to one chat… so posing few questions.. More interesting facts may unfold during the course of our chat!…(blink blink….)Here we go….

    Your childhood looks to be very goody goody… obedient girl.  Any incident that you remember … like any other normal child, troubling your parents or brother with your tantrums or naughtiness..!?

Haha.. I was quite a troublesome kid because I get angry very fast and whatever I want, I should have it. I would do all my work on my own, quietly, but when it came to things not going my way, I had an issue. Whenever we would go to any supermarket as a family, I wanted chips and chocolates in my trolley. If I didn’t get it, then I would carry a long face and let everyone in the supermarket know that I am in a terrible mood. So my parents felt it was best not to take me when they go shopping. With my elder brother, I would always blackmail him and ask him to get me chocolates if he wanted me to help him with drawing in Science. Oh, I can write pages on how I was such a noise-maker at home.

2.  From where do you gather the inspiration and get focused to achieve your goal…. without divulging into distractions with technology available at our finger tips????

My parents are a big inspiration to me. My dad, Mr. Lancy Pinto, by profession is a businessman. From his childhood days he has been an achiever, right from being student pupil leader in school to being a successful businessman. He has always taught me to be ambitious in life, but with God as our guide. Seeing him struggle single-handedly to give my family a lavish lifestyle really awes me. My mom, Ms. Jacinta Pinto who is a home-maker, has shown me how to keep family life balanced. Her tireless effort in bringing us up as God-fearing Catholics has helped me reach to this position. I feel every child has a responsibility of rewarding their parents with achievements in every field. And regarding distractions, I have been quite a naughty kid, but then I knew where I wanted to reach and where I wanted to be.

3.  Your friends also motivate you in the same spirit??? Do they also walk in the same direction as you do???

Yes, I have been fortunate to have really supportive friends, both in Muscat as well as India. Most of them belong to same Youth groups that I belong to in Church, so our thinking goes in the same direction.

4.  You are a smart and intelligent child since your school days!  Easily you could have achieved merit seat! Unlike any Gulf based parent….(normally this is the case! as they think it is a prestige and status! ignoring the child’s interest… ), didn’t your parents or you not dream, or were you not forced to be a doc or an engineer???

Honestly, my parents have never interfered in my studies from the time I started schooling, nor have they imposed a particular profession on me. They believe I have a right to choose my career path. I personally am of the opinion that one should do what they like to do. Every profession is good in its own right. It is sad that some think being a doctor or an engineer is a big deal. I have lots of friends who have been forced by parents to join a medical course and they struggle with several back papers. It is time, people change their mindset and allow children to do what they like because that will drive them to success.

5.  You, as a Youth are a very interesting person to know… and definitely would make a positive impact in any person’s life! Did you ever get an opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life???  Any such incident you would like to share ???

I am interesting!! Am i? Not many have told me that. Thanks for the compliment. I guess, I have changed thinking patterns of some people in various fields. But what is dear to my heart is being Pro-Life. I had organized an exhibition in Mangalore for college students on the subject which involved various aspects such as abortion, population control, use of birth control tools. It is a very sensitive issue but has not been given the importance it very much deserves. People have taken life for granted. I feel very proud to know that many of the youngsters who had visited the exhibition stand against abortion and vouch to stand for life.

6.  As I ask any youth or youngsters today….(it is definitely not obvious!)…, you are a beautiful, talented young girl.  Did you not face any difficult unsecured situations? And, how did you manage or fight it out from such situation!  This sharing would be an insight to any girl child to protect herself in today’s unsecured world!

I have not really faced such a situation as I am quite a straight-forward person and not very approachable to the opposite sex. I believe in fair amount of distance. I feel every girl child should be strong and voice out loud if they feel something untoward is happening. With my dad being the macho man that he is (LOL), boys were too scared to act creepy with me. Even if I see any random man staring at me, I look straight into his eyes and ask him “Any issue, dude?”. I can be really blunt in these matters and quite often rude. Most importantly, I pray the prayer of protection and wear a Rosary around my neck because I know it is the most powerful weapon.

9.  Have you achieved your dream as a professional / career??  Do you really get any spare time to relax??? If so…, how do you spend your leisure??? 

Yes, I have achieved what I wanted. Of-course sky is the limit and so my drive to achieve more gets me going. I am a Project Manager at the age of 24 and handle projects assigned to me independently. I do get spare time after work. I spend it mostly by playing with my younger brother Lyndon. He is the best. The rest of my leisure time, I am either in Church for some practice or prayer meeting, or I catch up with friends at parties, and sometimes I go to the beach with family.

8.  To be successful in life…  What is your opinion… whether family, friends or self?  How a youth should plan their career / future?

Family, friends and self-play equally important roles in building one’s career. The simple success mantra is do what you like to do and be focused and determined to better the good in you to be the best.

9.  I believe, divine spirit will help each and every one.. to have the wisdom to walk in right direction, and thus Word of God always protect us ….  The youth today is hardly embracing the spirit of God, but are busy in their world influenced with too much of negativity.   What is your word to the Youth of today!

Yes, what you’re saying is true. But the youth are not to be blamed alone. Sometimes, parents too ignore their child drifting away. My word to the youth is, “Do not wait for the worst to happen to return to God. Jesus is the super hero that will take you through disturbed times. Attending mass or prayer meetings does not make anyone uncool. It is never late to return to This God, whose hands are ever ready to welcome us. If I can have fun in my walk with Jesus, so can you”.

Thank you Lin… really you are a youth… inspiring todays youngsters to learn how follow Catholicism …. ‘The growing church’.

Every youth has the responsibility to contribute their talents and time for the sustenance of the church, as called by the Pope Francis… Ponder upon ‘Am I a come and go Catholic??’ Only a thought is required to take that first step.. and to do this, every parent has to motivate and inspire their child. Parents…is it not a food for our thought!?…Our children, are our tomorrow…, the future church and the community. Lets, Prepare them, Motivate them, Inspire them.

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  1. Good write up. Keep it up Lin.Congrats on your achievements.

  2. Lin..way to go girl..you’ve always been a champ..ur born vid d quality of a leader..all d best girl..

  3. Congrats Lin for all your achievements & best wishes for the future.
    God bless

  4. Dear Lin
    You are a blessed and talented gift of God to our church and society. I believe you are a true inspiration for the youth today.God bless.

  5. Lin, I have seen you sing in the Church every morning. You have such a distinct beautiful & sweet voice. Even if i stand outside the Church i can recognize your voice.

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