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Winner – Quiz July 2014


shanel george

                               Shanel George

Quiz Powered by : ITALIANA RESTAURANT – courtesy Mr. Sunil D’sa

Dear Readers and Friends,

The response to our July 2014 quiz has been very encouraging with increasing number of entries from the past months, however we wish to take a break for time being and will return shortly with new approach and concept.

Thank you all for the active participation and the interest shown to our website.

As mentioned in our rules, there was one prize for July quiz and the quzi was open for all. The winner was decided on points basis for the maximum right answers and the winner to walk away with the twentyfirst online MCCP competition is none other than  SHANEL GEORGE

Congratulations to you for being lucky enough among numerous correct entries and we request our Mangalorean viewers to browse our website for better luck next time.

The correct answers to the July Quiz were: 

Q1) Does summer camp make a child independent?

Ans) Yes summer camp does make a child feel independent without any pressure or great responsibilities. But still there are a few limits that the child should maintain and should be able to take small responsibilities during the camp and its activities.

Q2) What are the three main qualities developed at summer camps?
Ans) a) Spiritual quotient: During the summer camp there was regular praise and worship                                     which increased the feel of thankfulness, gratefulness, love  and affection towards god.
    b) Emotional quotient: The summer camp has been a successful ground in creating a                                      feeling of friendship towards each other. Throughout the camp we have witnessed the mixed emotions that have come from the campers.
    c) Intelligence quotient: During the camp many games were played like the business                                        code and others which encouraged the children to use their intelligence in difficult and confusing strategies.
Q3) Name the year Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Ruwi, Muscat commenced its summer camp?
Ans) 2001
Q4) Name the personalities in Summer Thrills 2014 – Sts. Peter & Paul Church Ruwi – popularly known as ….

a)  Camp Boss

b)  Ring Master

c)  Grandma of the Campers

d)  Mother of the Campers

e)  Headmistress

f)    Nightingales (2 persons)

Ans) a) Fr. Mayank
    b) Suraj Robello
    c) Ieda Maam
    d) Cleta Crasta
    e) Mavis maam
    f)  Asha Noronha & Philomena Saldanah
Q5) Identify the groups that won SUMMER THRILLS 2011?
Ans) Warriors
Q6) Name the youth volunteers of Summer Thrills 2014? (Marks – 1 each per name).
Ans) a) Oscar
    b) Melanie
    c) dean
    d) jayal
    e) dynet
    f) Jason
    g) valeny
    h) Noel
    i) nivya
    j) Bryan
    k) praveen
    l) siddhant
    m) Andrew
    n) frell
    o) Amanda
    p) Ericsson
    q) Jonathan
    r) Nilofer
Q7) Why is Summer Camp the best way to spend your summer?
Ans) I agree,
Summer camp is the best way to spend your summer. It is platform where you can express yourself, bring your talents out and have fun. there were various events where    the children could work out and do exercise (zumba), it made the children physically strong and healthy. the praise and worship along with the inspirational and powerful  videos that were presented by fr. mayank inspired the children to live more obedient and thankful to god. It made the children mentally strong. the camp influenced the  children in a strong way and became a guide to get more closer to god and the society…

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sunil D’sa  for his kind courtesy in sponsoring vouchers from Italian Restuarant for the July 2014 competition.

Special thanks to Celine D’souza who handled this blog for 3 years without any interruption… MCCPOMAN applauds her for the dedication and uninterrupted service rendered to the blog and community.

Keep viewing MCCP Oman website!! and stay connected for more interest happenings.

Warm regards


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