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QUIZ for July 2014


A special feature on Summer Thrills 

 at Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Ruwi, Muscat.


-Dynet Fremcitha Fernandes


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SUMMER THAT TIME OF THE YEAR, where it gets all sweaty and humid, life becomes happy and smiles spread around. I personally hate summers, reasons because I don’t really like to sweat, actually who does, I mean which one of us want to keep changing clothes, and keep spraying deodorants, and wash our hair always… But obviously there is one reason I wait for it, that being SUMMER CAMP… Summer camps make my summers the best (well obviously there is all the sweating and stickiness… but who cares, really)… Friends are there, new faces get around you; there is so much dancing, and singing and running around and what not.

But lately I realized that not everyone likes summer camp (forget about loving them then). The world needs the next generation to be more tolerant of each other’s views, ideologies, and beliefs, summer camps are all about fun. It is an opportunity for children to be exposed to the best of human character. There is something magical about a summer camp experience. Though each and every camp in this world is different. Not merely because of geography and location, but because of those traditions and all the different people who make a part of it. Every camp has hidden treasures of history that give it character and identity.


But why SUMMER CAMP and not summer school, or maybe just staying at home. My parents thought the same. As parents their hopes and duties are to make us productive, capable and independent individuals. The three qualities that are developed at summer camps are confidence, discipline and self control. Camps offer a way for kids to start developing those skills in the best possible environments. Obviously it makes them sad when they watch us spend hours with unknown people, but that is probably because their scared and they have a right to be. Camps give children the chance to practice being their best. They experience a place designed to create happy memories and encourage self expression. It’s much more than summers and sing-along. Children learn about being a part of a community and to cope with temporary separations from their families, in other words homesickness.

Today’s opinions are far more varied then you might remember from your own childhood. There are different camps out there. Your anxiety can negatively impact your child. Your last words to him/her before you drive away shouldn’t be a promise that you’ll come get them if something is wrong because the first hard thing your child encounters, he’s going to remember what you said. Another problem is when children show up with cell phones, if your child can reach you at any moment, then you aren’t letting go. If your child is so attached to you, how do you expect him/ her to be independent? A child’s first experience away from you is a part of them being independent, and you as a parent should be happy about it.

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When I was at camp, my parents never knew what was happening to me. But they did send me away just for a few hours but they did. When I confronted them after years, they told me it was just so I could rack up at least a minimum of surrounded experiences. The upside of camp is that it also offers a back door to sneak into a different world at a small age. The idea isn’t fun to parents. It is emotionally difficult. Camp is variant, it is frolic. Each camp is designed in a specialized way to bring out talents and teach them to discipline themselves. It keeps you happy and motivated. Yes obviously going to a room of hundreds of new faces is definitely scary, but making friends is easy. You will be fascinated with the diversification. Children from various communities, locations, varied mindsets, all meet at one point.

For me summer camp was all about fun, till date I look forward to it, just that I am a volunteer and no more a camperL. Camp has actually molded me in the most critical ways. It has got into me the spirit of confidence, of knowledge, to be happy, to make great summer memories. It was unbelievable how I used to skip everything just to spend a few hours with people I never knew. Yes there was all the naughtiness but there was also the part of making me a different yet better individual.

Our local communities, such as our church also conducts camps every year. The one which I go to is at my local parish. The reason being faith from the religious point of few. I enjoyed the prayer and all those teachings about Gods love. Oh but I also loved the water sports and all the falling sick and the outings and so much love from everyone. Frankly, I never missed home.

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(like I said, I’m a volunteer now) You choose what you like, (you don’t have to send your child where I go obviously) because not everything is the same and your child is precious not like any other. Knowing your child and enrolling them accordingly would be your responsibility. http://www.summercamps.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/which-summer-camp-article-131×300.jpg (check this link for details)


Lastly, PARENTS, YES, summer camp is the right thing to do. Today probably you do not know what it means, but one day you will see the difference. I have made friends, I have learnt, Today I shine bright today I’m a different person and Summer Camp was one of my moulder (yes there were other things).


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 Quizzing…. is always fun…. Answer them, and win fabulous vouchers!


Q1) Does summer camp make a child independent?

Q2) What are the three main qualities developed at summer camps?

Q3) Name the year Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Ruwi, Muscat commenced its summer camp?

Q4) Name the personalities in Summer Thrills 2014 – Sts. Peter & Paul Church Ruwi – popularly known as ….

a)  Camp Boss

b)  Ring Master

c)  Grandma of the Campers

d)  Mother of the Campers

e)  Headmistress

f)    Nightingales (2 persons)

Q5) Identify the groups that won SUMMER THRILLS 2011?

Q6) Name the youth volunteers of Summer Thrills 2014? (Marks – 1 each per name).

Q7) Why is Summer Camp the best way to spend your summer?

  • This quiz is open for Mangalorean and Non-Mangalorean Readers.

Rules :
1.  Anybody around the world can participate in this competition.

2.  If we get more than one correct answer, the lucky winner will be decided in lots

3.  If the winner resides outside Oman, accordingly the voucher will be handed over to the person (representative) referred by the winner.

4.  No correspondence of any nature will be entertained.  Competition Editor’s decision in this competition will be final.

5.  Send in your reply [email protected] 

6.  Last date to reply is 30.07.2014.

 Winner’s name will be published on 5th Aug. 2014 on www.mccpoman.com.



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