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MCCP FETE – Mangalorean Fiesta


mccp fete final

Session 1- Competition Time

From afternoon 2.30pm

Competition details: Revised Format

  1. ‘MCCP IDOL-2015’
    – For the Tiny Tots to portray their talent skill within the time frame of 1 minute. This section is categorized as Tiny Tots & Juniors.

    Tiny Tots– Category A : Kg1, Kg2

    – Time Limit 60 seconds (1mt), +15 seconds grace.

    Juniors – (B & C)

    Juniors Category -B: Class 1 & 2

    Junior Category – C : Class 3 & 4

    Time Limit 90 seconds (1.30mt),+ 30 seconds grace.

  2. ‘Naach – Naach’ MCCP Champ 2015– Class 5 to Class 10, identified as Inters & Seniors. The format of this section is, to perform Solo Dance.

    Inters’ Category – D – Class 5, 6, 7 – Time Limit 3 minutes+30 seconds grace.

    Senior Category – E – Class 8, 9, 10 – Time Limit 3 minutes+30 seconds grace.

  3. ‘Naach – Naach’ MCCP Champs 2015
    – Group2 category groups ( F & G).

    Category – F : Class 5th to 10th. The format of this section is, to perform Group Dance – Minimum 5 and Maximum 8 participants. Time Limit 4 minutes, +15 seconds grace.

    Category – G : Class 11 & above, identified as Adults. The format of this section is, to perform Group Dance – Minimum 5 and Maximum 8 participants. Time Limit 4 minutes, +15 seconds grace.

  1. Format of the Competition ( I, II, III categories)

The competition will be held on 8th May 2015, during ‘MCCP FETE’ held at Le Grand Hall, Hotel Al Falaj, Ruwi – Muscat.

Time Limit: as mentioned in respective category.

  1. Selection of songs / dance form
  • Any Dance form is acceptable.
  • Dance Songs to be selected from the following languages only. Tulu, Kannada, Konkani, Hindi & English.
  • The songs have to be only from the released albums or films (DVD/CD/Cassette).
  • Religious hymns are not allowed. Any song or costume which devalues the moral or any kind of attack on religion, person or country is not permitted.
  • The Song/track in a CD has to be submitted as on 25/04/2015, superscripted the name of the participant / group name and contact number. CD / DVD with time exceeding song will be abruptly stopped as per the time limit of the category criteria. This avoids disqualification of the participant, and time can be managed by the organizers.
  1. Judging Criteria:
  • The Judging criteria will be on basis of originality that relates to the song / music, costume, flexibility, expressions, synchronization and choreography.
  • Props displayed should be used during the performance, however is not a main criteria for additional marking.
  • The performance devaluing the culture, name or fame of any person, religion, dialect or origin shall be disqualified.
  • The judge’s decision will be final and incontestable, and to be accepted respectfully by all participants and the organizers.

4) Prizes

  • Prize will be awarded as Winner with the title, 1st Runner up and 2nd Runner up. Participant certificates will be awarded to all the participants.
  • Solo performance: Every class of each category will have two sections as boys and girls separately and will be awarded accordingly. However, if the entries are less than 5 per category, so then boys and girls sections will be merged and only 3 prizes will be awarded in common per class considering as co-head entry.

    (i.e, In Any section, either boys or girls; if the entry is less than 5, it will be merged as co-head category and only 3 prizes will be awarded).

  • The prizes will be awarded on the same day.

Since the event is for the year 2014-2015 term, the categorization is based on the academic year 2014-2015; a proof of school fee slip / copy of report card (2014-2015) to be produced at the time of registration.

Candidates should register in the entry format provided at the end of the text, to arrive no later than the deadline date as decided by the organizing committee with the following requisites:

  • Application form duly filled in Capital letters or typewritten to be submitted. (to avoid wrong spellings for Certificate Calligraphy).
  • Proof of Category Enrollment (Copy of the School fee receipt or Mark sheet for the academic year 2014-2015) of each participant, along with guardian Membership status to be produced.
  • Last date for submission extended to 2nd May 2015 – 7.00pm

MCCP encourages each and every MCCP member to participate and be the proud ‘MCCP IDOL- 2015′ or ‘NAACH – NAACH – MCCP Champ 2015′ of the community.

GENERAL RULES: Applies for all the categories

‘MCCP IDOL’. ‘Naach-Naach’-MCCP Champs,

  • The jury has the right to stop any candidate’s performance at any stage of the competition, if found not to complying with the criteria of format of the competition.
  • Any hazardous or dangerous props / stunts demonstrated during the performance will be at own risk of the participants. Organizers will not be held responsible in whatsoever manner. However, the organizers advise to refrain from such risky presentations if not performed with proper supervision of the mentors.
  • The groups will be identified by the name specified at the time of registration.
  • Organizers encourage the groups of respective age to select the theme / story appropriate to the age group, and maintain modesty.
  • All the expenses incurred by the participants for the presentation of their group performance shall be at their own cost and risk.
  • Prizes are awarded, and may be withheld, at the jury’s sole discretion.
  • The organizers reserve the right to record or broadcast. Organizers cannot accept liability for any loss or injury arising in connection with any candidate’s participation in the Competition howsoever caused.
  • The details given herein are correct at the time of publishing; but the organizers reserve the right to alter the arrangements as occasion demands.
  • Organizers confirm & vouch to maintain the confidentiality at any given time about the participants registration, role, participation or whatsoever pertaining to the competition of all the categories.

Cancellation OF EVENT:

Should the competition be cancelled because of war, civil or political disturbance, epidemic, fire, national mourning, strikes, or any natural calamity /natural disturbance that are beyond the organizers control, the Competition / organization would not be held responsible and would be cleared of all expenses.

Session 2 (same day)


Fungames, Entertainment, Prize Distribution followed by Dinner.

‘MCCP Talkies’ – is a twist introduced for total entertainment by the members.


Morning Session: Only for the participants snacks will be served.

Evening Session: Dinner will be served to all the members present at the venue.

Members Entry free. Free Coupons will be issued at the entrance.

Guest accompanied will be charged extra. Adults omr 2/- and children 10years and below omr 1.500 (hand carried infants free).

For further details, Contact: 95045157, 99265759

‘Team 23’ urges all the members of the community to take active part in ‘MCCP
FETE‘ that has been designed to tickle the senses of talents in all spheres, of all age group, therefore enjoy the event as we celebrate the carnival of MCCP in pomp and grandeur.

The evening is formatted with lots of fun games, entertainment to ease the tension and just have amusing moments we can cherish always. This can happen, only if each and every member of MCCP actively participates with good spirit. Let us all come together to enjoy this day, ‘OUR MANGALOREAN DAY’.

All the best.

President & Executive Members 2015.

Format of Registration for competitions



Name of the participant
Title of Competition



Class: Tiny Tot / Junior / Senior / Adult




Contact No.




(Details to be filled in capital letters for better legibility)

(Group registration should be with group name and list of participant, membership status and contact number)

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