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10th Session – Domina Angels


Domina ANGELS – Gavel Club

–10th Session

Photo coverage: Agnes Picardo

The 10th session of Domina Angels was held on 5th April, 2014, at ‘Samudra Restaurant-Party Hall’ a (temporary) new venue identified, i.e. continued at the moment, until we find a more convenient one.

Other than the absentees (3 gavs) who were on leave (away in India on vacation) rest of the Gaveliers were present at the session, reporting on time. Well done Gaveliers… an essential personality value, being a qualitative learning through punctuality. All the gaveliers reported, being well prepared for their roles as advised by their mentors.

The session felt the missing of vibrant office bearer Sergeant at Arms Gav Adventina who is away in India. However, as a wise man said… ‘the show must go on’, accordingly a replacement was mentored to perform the duty of Sergeant at Arms. Gav Sharon Tiyana Menezes who stepped in, meticulously handled the task and called the meeting to order. Laudable role play Gav Sharon, Keep up the good work.

Upon the opening of the day’s session by the acting SAA formally through professing vision of the club, & the meeting regularities… the platform was handed over to the club President Gav Omari Prince.

President Gav Omari Prince presented the theme of the day ‘April’s fools’… in her usual creativenature and opened the session, transforming the serious formal atmosphere into a humour filled ambiance, as the theme called for…! Well inspired Gav Omari..

Upon the formal welcome note, she introduced the Gavelier of the Day Gav Steve Lobo, who took on the podium and furthered with the session.

The Gav. of the Day Gav Steve, though his outlook portrays as a reserved and serious person, he is an intelligent humourous and jovial self by nature. He presented the theme ‘April Fools’ with the facts. It was a bundle of information, he shared throughout the session. Practice makes Man Perfect… is simply not an adage to be referred…! but we need to inculcate in our activities… thereby we become confident and good presenters… So…, Gav Steve, you are a good presenter, but practice will develop you as a superlative confident speaker… This tip is for all the gaveliers. Every session is a learning experience to improve from what we are to what we are supposed to become!, but ‘Practice Makes Man Perfect’.

As, we have been practicing to inculcate the quality of mentoring and sharing in the Gaveliers, the assigned mentors and the role players performed their job scrupulously. Great going gaveliers… but always there is more space to improvement.

The Role Players:

Time Keeper         : Gav Prithviraj –

Supported by Gav Clive Danti

Word Master: Gav Rida

supported by Gav Sharon Tiana

The new word introduced

Grammarian: Gav Rohit Kishore

Ah Counter : Gav Gautam

General Evaluator : Gav Phiyola D’souza

The senior gaveliers took up their assignment of getting ahead with Project speeches, hence 2 Gavs completed Proj 2 – Organize your Speech, and 2 Gavs completed Proj 3 – Get to the Point. However, there were 2 Gavs who started off with their P1 speeches – Ice Breaker. Altogether – 6 speeches were delivered at this session. Variety of speeches with vivid topics… made the session very interesting.

P1 Ice Breaker- Speaker Gav. Vijeth D’mello

Evaluator Gav Akanksha – Gave Criteria

P1 – Ice Breaker Speaker – Gav Venessa

Evaluator Gav Ashwitha

P2 – Speaker- Organize your speech : Gav. Omari Prince

Topic : ‘April Fools Day’

Evaluator Gav Reuban

P2 – Speakers – Organize your Speech Gav Sylvitta – Topic: “Childhood Memories’.

Evaluator Gav Gail

P3 – Speaker – Get to the Point – Gav Rishitha Picardo

Topic : ‘Dreams’

Evaluator Gav Namiyah

P3 – Speakers – Get to the Point – Gav Neil Castelino

Topic : ‘Books’

Evaluator Gav Pearl – Gave the Criteria

Very Thrilling and most awaited time of the session is Table Topics. Gav Diane an ardent and enthusiastic child among the lot was the Table Topic Master, well supported by Gav Nabhan… who mentored her to perform well. Very interesting topics were presented by her and the gaveliers who spoke, did justice.

Speakers were:

Gav. Rianna – Topic: Pranks at April Fools Day

Gav. Clide – Topic: Internet usage is good or bad for Children

Gav. Farzeen – Topic: Your first day at the School this year

Gav. Farheen – Topic: Your life in Muscat

Gav. Faizan – Watching TV is it advantageous for children?

The evaluation reports presented by the Evaluators were impressive. Especially Gav Reuban who emerged from the Hot Seat presented a very suitable and apt evaluation report. DTM Clita Crasta corrected the errors for improvements. This session proved to be a very interesting session which also had educational tips, not only for the project speakers and role players but for every person present at the venue, as they benefited with the tips presented through this learning. New comers are performing remarkably well, so are the regular Domina Angels.

At the reporting schedule of the Agenda, the General Evaluator Gav Phiyola took control of the session and called for the reports.

All the role players, including the General Evaluator presented their reports flawlessly, which were worth appreciating for their meticulous job. This establishes that the Gaveliers come well prepared and are persevering in their assigned roles. Great job gaveliers for performing your role aptly and kudos to the role mentors helping them to do a good presentation.

Session after session is proving the eagerness to learn. The innovative ideas introduced at every session so as to make it distinctively different for creating interest in learning, which is the objective of the mentors. Full attendance on record proves their earnest interest not want to miss even a single session, which connects them to this prestigious organization enhancing healthy networking abilities and spend some quality time for themselves. Great job is being done by the Counsilors taking their time out for these youngsters. An applaudable pat on their back for this selfless time and service.

The VP Education Rohit Kishore, took over the podium to set up the schedule and agenda for the next session. However, since few more gavelirs have to complete their P1-Ice Breakers, the Councilor TM Prescilla mentioned that the forth coming session will be yet another speech marathon session… and the evaluators / role players will be picked up instantly… therefore all the gaveliers are prepared to pop up from the hot seat to perform their impromptu role.

11th Session – 26th April 2014.

Gavelier of the Day: Gav. Joel Lobo (Guest Gavelier)

Time Keeper: Gav Phiyola D’souza & Gav Diane

Word Master: Gav. Rohit Kishore

Grammarian: Gav. Omari

Ah Counter : Gav. Namiyah

General Evaluator: Gav Clive Danthi

Table Topics Master – Gav Prithviraj

Speeches – Ice Breakers – P1




Gav Yogesh

Gav Nabhan

Gav Yogesh

Gav Calida

Gav Riyanna

Gav Reuban

Gav Sharon

Gav Farheen

Gav Neil

Gav Calvin

Gav Pearl

Gav Farzeen

Gav Akanksha

Gav Faizan

Gav Rishitha

Gav Rida

Gav Sylvitta

Gav Averyl

Gav Vijeth

Gav Gautam

Gav Gail

Gav Risha

Gav Venessa

Gav Ashwitha

Gav Steve Lobo

The session – 11 will be held on 26th April, 2014 at the same venue, at 10.00 to 1.00 noon. In the event there is a change in the venue, will be advised by the Counselor well in advance.

As usual at the education session, The Counselors DTM Clita Crasta and TM Prescilla, educated the gaveliers on presentation skills and project speeches, as well as, mentored on etiquettes, mannerisms, especially on punctuality and commitment.

‘Gaveliers’…. A long way to go… Do not shy away or miss any opportunity to showcase your talent on any platform…. because bygone opportunities with time do not come back again. Make the most of it. We the mentors are here to help you not only in enhancing your communication & leadership skills but also nurture your talents. Feel free to contact your counselor for any assistance.

Details for Registration:

The club is open for all, hence the registration is open irrespective of community. The meeting is scheduled twice a month. Details as below:
Sessions per month: 2
Intervals: 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month

Time: 10.00am to 1.00 (noon)
Eligibility: 8 years and above. (For clarification kindly contact us).

Cost covered is for study material and meeting expenses only.

At Domina (sponsor of this club), we believe… an effective learning is credible only when a candidate is in a relaxed set-up… and involve thoroughly which is promising through activity based and interactive atmosphere filled with humour. We the mothers primarily understand the psychology of this generation, hence design the sessions for an effective learning to develop competent communication, etiquette and leadership skills, thereby adding value to the academics, generating an overall developed individual stepping into tomorrow’s professional world valiantly. This also benefits the youngsters to develop good listening skills and increase concentration. Last few seats available for further registration. Kindly call 94064265 for details.

The next session is 26th April 2014.. . Saturday. The intimation will be sent through SMS to all the Gaveliers. Attendance and punctuality with blazer (dress code) is compulsory.

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